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Hate Wires? Meet Pearbuds – World’s Smallest Wireless EarBuds

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Have you ever wanted a good looking, completely wireless, bluetooth earbud? Well, if yes then you might finally be in luck now. Pear Designs have launched a completely wireless, cords-free in-ear headphone dubbed Pearbuds, that should mark the launch of a whole new category in the headphone products market.

Pearbuds 1

These cool little earbuds were launched on Kickstarter this week. So, let’s get into details of the Pearbuds, shall we?

Design and Build Quality

The people at Pear Designs must have given a lot of thought to the design and the build of the Pearbuds, considering its premium looks and compact design. The Pearbuds are said to be designed to be comfortable in your ear. It is small yet fits well, thanks to the unique design.

Pearbuds 3

The developers have also embodied the earbuds with premium materials. The earbuds have a cool metallic finish, which should turn a lot of heads. Pearbuds are also sweat resistant and it can fit all the ears equally well with its unique design.

Concept Rating

As noted by Pear Designs, the only problems with the current set of wireless headphones is the size and the battery life and the company aims at fixing the two with Pearbuds.

Peatbuds are said to be the smallest wireless earbuds in the market and the company uses a combination of Bluetooth chips and high quality audio tech to make it this small. The earbuds are the size of a coin but the engineers at Pear Designs have made sure to bring you some great sound quality and battery life. Pearbuds offer great sound quality, noise cancellation a solid 6 hours of battery life on a full charge. The earbuds come with a portable charging case, which charges the earbuds fully in 45 minutes.

According to us, the design and the battery life make the Pearbuds an interesting deal. There are a plethora of headphones in the market today but the Pearbuds have the ability to bring a better refined product.


Even though the Pearbuds are small in size, they are said to comfortably fit in one’s ear. According to Peat Designs, these earbuds were designed with comfort in mind. So, we guess they should be comfortable enough but we will have to try it to confirm it.

Pearbuds 4

Pearbuds can be paired with any Bluetooth enabled smartphone and it can be used for you music, maps, podcasts, audiobooks, games and more. They can also be paired to your fitness tracking devices to bring you all the workout details on the go.

Game Changer?

Pearbuds 5

The headphone market is a pretty crowded one but there’s suddenly room for improvement. The Pearbuds surely brings some novelties like a small and light totally wirless design, great fit and good looks and some solid battery life. While we wouldn’t want to go ahead and brand it as a “game changer”, instead we can look at as an evolutionary device.

Pearbuds Specifications

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Launch and Availability

Pearbuds 2

The Pearbuds are available on pre-order at Kickstarter. The company plans to start shipping the earbuds starting March, 2016.

Expected Price

The Pearbuds will be priced at $199 when they hit the market next year. The company is offering the earbuds for a 50% off for the first 1000 backers, so you can pre-order one at $99, if you pledge on Kickstarter now. You can pre-order the Pearbuds on its Kickstarter page for more details.

So, what do you think abut the Pearbuds? Do leave us a comment and rate the cool earbuds below.

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