‘Hawa Badlo’ reports incidents causing air pollution

Hawa Badlo LogoA number of initiatives have been taken to prevent air pollution starting from the use of CNG gas as a day-to-day fuel or shutting down various refineries causing air pollution. Last month on the 21st, an initiative was taken by the Supreme Court regarding the launch of a mobile application called “Hawa Badlo” with the aim to improve air quality along with the public involvement.

This is an app jointly developed by EPCA (Environment Pollution Control Authority), Delhi’s municipal corporations and concerned departments from Uttar Pradesh & Haryana. It has a public usage with an aim to report incidents causing air pollution. The complaints further will be forwarded to concerned officials by EPCA.

The committee is asking an equal contribution from the citizens to report incidents taking place at their locality or round the corner of the city such as leaf and garbage burning, building and construction dust, and henceforth keeps the citizen engaged and involved in a joint mission of keeping the air fresh and pure.

The app also assists the officials to help to solve a case involved in air pollution and then upload the pieces of evidence like the photocopy of challan.

This app also comes with a facility to generate a weekly report keeping a track of each case that is solved, pending or is about to resolve. The generated report is further submitted to the Supreme Court along with actions taken and its orders.

Such an action was needed to be taken to prevent air pollution, which is now a health concern for every citizen since the number of cases suffering from asthma is increasing. The concern is after starting such programs one has to be consistent to keep it running in order to see results coming out of it.

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