Hospitals In Rwanda Gets Blood Delivered on Drones

In a remote location like Rwanda where transporting critical medicine and blood can be troublesome due to the heavy downpours, bad roads and small hospitals to stock up everything of need, a new blissful technology has been developed to overpower these saddening issues.


To cope up, the Rwandan government is now channeling a drone delivery program.

Zipline, a California based robotic firm along with Rwandan government has contributed in this idea of delivering blood on drones. In this whole plan a small drone will be deployed who will carry up to 1.5 KG of blood which is enough to save a person’s life and once the drone arrives the destination it will fly down to drop the package at a dedicated mailbox area.

Initially Zipline will start with 15 Drones aiming to make 50 to 150 emergency flights a day and each delivery will take 30 minutes excluding any infrastructure related problems.

With the success of Zipline to deliver blood, the Rwandan government might think of to extend its scheme by offering different types of medicine and vaccinations.

Zipline along with its partners, UPS and Gavi, expects to replicate it’s deliveries in other countries. If the number of hours is saved delivering blood or vaccine on time to somebody who is affected with a disease and needs immediate medication can make a difference between life and death.

The regions where help is impossible, now new technologies like Drones can actually play an important role. Watch the below video to see how Google in 2014 tested the delivery of medicines and pet food through drones:


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