How a cyber attack on one company brought the internet to its knees

Hackers are meant for what their name says, this time they were successful to launch a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack against Dyn last week and it lasted for two hours. This attack was responsible for interrupting traffic of most of the popular websites.

The function of Domain Name System (DNS) is to route the visitors to the right destination matching their domain name with numeric IP addresses. Dyn is a major DNA company that is used by host of different websites became a prey of the hackers in launching a DDoS against the company.

When the action from the hackers was detected most of the famous websites like Twitter, Github, PayPal, Reddit, Etsy and such other reported the issue. After receiving multiple issues from these companies, they concluded that this issue was limited to east coast of the United States.

How a cyberattack on one company brought the internet to its knees

Once the attack was detected, they immediately resolved the issue and all the services were back to normal by afternoon. Hence if any of the issues were detected again it might be some other DDoS attack or because of your internet connection.

However, the culprit behind this attack is not identified yet. The time of cyberattack lasted for two hours, which actually is a huge loss for the company.

By the evening, Dyn reported they are being attacked with more such attacks on the system. By late in the night, Dyn claimed that the engineers have successfully resolved the issues and diminished the attack. However, they are still in hunt of the culprit who originated this cyberattack and will be analyzing the same and submit the report soon.

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