How to Activate your Reliance Jio SIM Card & start using it’s Unlimited Services

The Reliance Jio, a digital services provider in India is on the verge of revolutionizing both the Indian Telecom sector and Internet market. Like how everything has its own pros and cons, Jio too is facing negative response from some. But nonetheless, it’s a Mumbai-based provider of 4G Internet & Broadband services and also mobile telephony. Getting the Reliance Jio 4G SIM card is somewhat a chaotic experience where people are queuing day and night to get theirs. But once you are done with the formalities and are the lucky one who gets the My Jio SIM in time, you are now only left with the activation process on your 4G and VoLTE/ LTE enabled Smartphone.

Reliance Jio by Mukesh Ambani


Fret not, here is how you need to follow a few easy steps to activate your Jio SIM on your 4G enabled Smartphone.

  1. You need to insert the Jio SIM only in the primary SIM card slot of your Smartphone. Especially in the case of a Dual-SIM mobile.
  2. Select the 4G option in the Mobile Data Settings and make sure to set the data for primary SIM.
  3. You would need to install the Jio4Voice (earlier called as JioJoin) mobile app on your Smartphone (from Google Play store) if it doesn’t support the VoLTE technology. We suggest you to pre-install all the Jio apps through your phone’s WiFi so that it’s easy while activation and there’s absolutely no chance of interruption.
  4. Once the network bars start to appear on your Smartphone, enable the mobile data.
  5. You now have to call on 1800-890-1977 from any other mobile phone to tele-verify your number.
  6. In the case where you are able to access the internet after enabling the mobile data, just open the Jio4Voice mobile app and it will automatically register your Jio SIM to your Smartphone. Just go to the Jio4Voice app’s dialpad and call on 1977 to tele-verify your Jio SIM card.
  7. The tele-verification normally happens within 48 hours of purchasing the Jio SIM card.

Reliance Jio Televerification Activation

Please note the following –

This tele-verification is a mandatory step to confirm your Jio SIM number and activate its services.

And if your phone isn’t VoLTE enabled then you would have to use the Jio4Voice mobile app. This app will support the phone in making calls and/ or messages. Else, you can use the default dialpad and/ or messaging app.

To make even the default calls, your 4G mobile data should be turned on.

In some cases, the SIM card activation might delay due to the unlimited number of customers jumping in to get the Jio SIM card.

The VoLTE technology enables High Definition video calling and superior voice calling.

There is a customised list of 4G and VoLTE enabled mobile phones that support the Reliance Jio SIM card.

Buyers should also make sure to purchase and insert SIM cards in only those phones which have generated the barcodes.

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