How to get you Reliance Jio SIM with Unlimted Calls & Data

Reliance Jio is working towards transforming India’s telecommunication sector as well as the internet market. Mr. Mukesh Ambani dedicates Jio to PM Narendra Modi’s vision of Digital India. The world is at the commencement of a digital revolution and anything & everything that can go digital is moving exponentially. Life is going digital and so is Reliance Jio. According to Mr. Ambani, “Jio means to live and to be alive to very opportunity. World’s demand for the digital oxygen, that is data, is growing exponentially.” Apart from this, Jio is also giving a shoulder to shoulder competition to the other network providers though there have been complaints that the Jio calls do not connect to other phones but maximum people look happy with its truly superior 4G services, call quality and of course the promotional offer.

Availing the Reliance Jio SIM


So, here is how you can get your JIO SIM and enjoy its services:

  1. First of all, you need to install and open the MyJio mobile application from the Google Play store
  2. Make sure to have a 4G and VoLTE/LTE supportive Smartphone.
  3. Open the MyJio mobile app and simply click on ’Get Jio SIM’ on the banner.
  4. Agree with the Terms & Conditions and select your Location from the drop-down menu.
  5. Just carefully read through the steps and Click on the Next button.
  6. Following the above steps generates the Offer Code that would qualify you to get the Jio SIM card. This offer code gets visible on your screen
  7. After this step, you will get a barcode which you have to save for getting the SIM card.
  8. Just visit the Reliance Digital Xpress Mini store as it more convenient or any other Reliance Digital Store to get the Jio SIM card.
  9. Show the barcode and the Smartphone on which the code is generated to the store staff
  10. Submit the following documents:
  • A passport size colour photograph for the application form
  • A photo identity proof preferably your Aadhar Card
  1. Leave the rest to the staff and go back home with a colorful package containing the My Jio SIM Card.

Getting your own Jio SIM for free


All are advised to use the Jio SIM card in only those handsets from which their preview offer barcodes are generated. Fake or purchased barcodes do not work. Hence, use only self-generated barcodes and use handsets on which the codes have been generated.

And the most important catch comes here. All the customers may note that the Jio SIM cards are available at completely NO COST which means it is FREE. You need not pay any price to the dealer for getting the SIM card. Jio’s internet services, voice calling, video calling, all of the applications and its content is available for everyone and is absolutely FREE. This preview / promotional offer will go on till 31st December 2016.

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