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iBackpack ; Futuristic Backpack with Wifi, Speaker, Powerbank Built-in

With the integration of technology in products that we use every day, everything is becoming smart today. From our phones to our cars, everything is connected. We have reviewed many such gadgets like Dash (A wireless earbuds that tracks your heart beat), Prynt (A phone case which lets you instantly print the photos you take on your smartphone), Exploride( turns every car into a smart car), and Gi-Fly Bike (an electric bike that folds half its size) which are few among many.


But, we need something to carry our smartphones and tablets and laptops and all the essential  gadgets that we want to carry on trekking trip or any journey. Usually, our choice is a backpack. But what if, our backpack was as smart as our gadgets. Maybe, iBackpack was created with that thought in mind.


ibackpack review

Many have tried before to make a smart luggage carrier, but nothing like this has been done before. From outside, it will feel like an everyday backpack, but look a little bit closely and you will find the features which make ibackpack a smart backpack. Firstly, it is made from handpicked materials including finest fabric and zippers and has reliable buckles, absorbent padding, durable rubber base and really strong shoulder straps which according to them can even move a train!It has enough room for everything you will want to carry. It has different compartments for your smartphone, notebook and tablet, as well as enough space for documents, gym stuff and more. The fabric used in iBackPack is water and abrasion resistant yet is very lightweight.


iBackPack-travel gadget review

The smart features include an inbuilt Tesla style battery which has enough juice to charge six iPads fully from scratch. It can act as a wi-fi connection which can act as your personal internet hotspot and lets you connect up to six people at once. A nifty feature is the use of retractable USB cable. Pull it out and charge your device when you are low on power, and just tug again to roll it back again when you are done. It also has built-in quality Bluetooth speakers. So, you can let the inner audiophile loose on the go.

The security features include a built-in GPS tracking system.You even get the ability to set SAFE and NO-GO zones using the iBackPack app which is releasing very soon for both the Android and iOS ecosystems. This will be helpful for parents if they want to check the whereabouts of their children. It also comes with Bluetooth proximity locator. You will get notified exactly where your iBackPack is when in an airport or any crowded area or just can not remember where you kept it.

It comes in three versions. The base model does not have included wi-fi or 3G/4G support and is mainly aimed at school going, children. The second model has inbuilt WiFi and 3G/4g support. The top model is aimed for sales professional and includes a package which gives them additional features such as 5000 b2b contacts per month and much more. The battery capacity also defers according to the model you are buying.

Concept Rating:

ibackpack review

It is a unique concept and has never been done before. The smart way in which a backpack is being used is really commendable. With this at your back, you will never have to worry about power or connectivity. The inbuilt security features make sure that you will never lose your backpack.
To quote Dough Monahan, the CEO and founder of iBackPack,” We’ve taken a normal backpack and turned it into an essential tool for anyone from age eight to eighty. With a powerful battery system, it is an electronic powerhouse, a communications hub, and more so, a storage for everything from a third-grade report to a prospectus for an IPO”.

According to us, they have successfully done so. To bring that many useful features into a backpack that too without making it bulky and changing the overall appearance is truly innovative. All this comes into a package which is pretty affordable. They have an ongoing Crowdfunding campaign on INDIEGOGO and have raised over 475,000 USD till now.


iBackPack-powerbank review

The usability of iBackPack for today’s generation is not that hard to grasp. They have created a product which one can use to solve the everyday problems which our technologically advanced generation faces every day. It allows you the freedom of carrying multiple devices in a safe and secure manner. Using iBackPack, you will always have power and connectivity. It also doubles as Bluetooth speakers, hence makes a full-fledged companion for an outing. It checks all the boxes. The ability to customize your bag according to your wishes will give a personal flavor to this product, which everybody will love. The affordable price tag will also help in its wide adoption.

Game Changer?

We certainly think so. The idea is unique and also, it is executed perfectly. This is a product which solves the problems of today’s generation in an elegant way. Couple that with personalization features and an affordable price tag, we think iBackPack has a bright future ahead.



  • Dimensions:19.2″ x 14.1″ x 9.84
  • Weight:4.5 lbs
  • Fits15.6″ Laptop
  • 3G and 4G WiFi connection
  • 4 USB Ports
  • 2 x 10K mAh batteries
  • Retractable Power Cord
  • Bluetooth Speaker
  • iOS/Android Controller Apps (soon to launch)
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Notification System
  • GPS Tracking
  • Bluetooth proximity locator

Launch and Availability & Expected Price:


It is up for pre-orders now on INDEGOGO with the expected delivery being March 2016. As mentioned earlier, it comes in three versions. The base model starts at $149 and goes up to $249 for the top model. If you wait till the product hit the stores the price will go up. The expected retail price of the three models is $249, $349, and $399 respectively.

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