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Instax Share SP-2 Mini Printer Let’s You Print from Phone in 10 Secs

The famous Fujifilm takes all the wraps off their Instax Share SP – 2 mini-printer that promises to produce better quality images and present more features and customizations. Not only does Instax Share print photographs almost two times faster, but also produce excellent ones. It supports a 320 dpi resolution along with print pixels of 800×600 dots.


Instax Share lets the user print out photographs from anywhere with the help of their Android / iOS device in just a few seconds. This happens via a Share Application or a Compatible Camera. This Share App also has a new Collage mode that lets the users print two to four photographs in one go together.

Instax Share immediately lets it users get their hands on a physical copy of the digital photograph on their smartphone. This physical copy gets onto a film that is of a credit card size.

Fujifilm Instax Share SP2 –

This device enjoys a new laser exposure system that helps achieves a faster printing time. It takes only 10 seconds of time to print the final output. At the same time, even the printing noise is lowered making your printing activity much more delightful and easy. This printer has more filters and templates in store, achieving maximum possibilities to personalize shots.

instax share

Since there’s no paper and / or ink involved, only the film is consumable. The device is compact in size and makes your traveling experience quite comfortable. It uses a rechargeable and a replaceable battery which is good for up to 100 prints with a single charge.

Design –

The Instax Share SP-2’s design is completely new. It looks more like a modern mobile accessory rather than a dull functional photo printer. The device looks more stylish and original than its predecessor.


It gets out photos in about 10 seconds whereas the older model could complete the task in 16 seconds. The entire process is really quieter in comparison.

How it Works –

To print from the device, you need to connect it to the Wi-Fi network that the printer creates. Just open your phone’s / tablet’s Wi-Fi settings & select it from the available networks.

instax share accessories

Using the Fujifilm’s updated Share Application available for all the iOS & Android devices you can select pictures for printing from your gallery /social networks including Facebook and Instagram / take a new photograph.

Pricing –

Priced at around $200 it’s not exactly inexpensive, but such instant film cameras never really were a cheap medium.

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