Kano: A Perfect DIY Computer

The world is changing and adapting the technology on the go. The various gadgets and the technology freaks are going gaga over the every new update in the software as well as the new gadget altogether. The generations of the people have adopted the technology mostly in the case of the smartphones. Not only adopting it but also making it a regular habit and use. The way you use and adapt to the technology matters is not everyone’s cup of tea. Only the higher middle section and the rich class can afford to have the latest technology gadgets and get adapted to it in their regular lives. On the other hand, it is not possible to take computers on their hands and move around wherever you go. Although laptops have come in handy but are heavy and not that easy to carry on a regular basis.

And for the same reason, Kano comes up with one of the best inventions, something that you can have conveniently with you whenever in need. It is a compact DIY computer that you can carry in your pocket and assemble at your leisure.DIY computer kano

Kano DIY Computer – Design

The device package comes in a small size cardboard box that has all the parts arranged in it. All you need to do is, go through the help booklet and attach the parts with each other via chips or wires and get started with the computer anywhere by yourself. The basic Moto stays that you can work at your leisure, at any place, without even carrying any kind of load and simply relax.


Concept Rating

When technology is so much growing and allowing you to create something and carry on the go, then why not give the credits to it when it eases our lives to a better level. Compact software and allowing it to carry it anywhere and everywhere we need it be the best part of the device. Even the working of this device is simple and anyone & everyone can use it. It becomes easier to learn the aspects of the device, be it for the youngsters or the older generation.


When it’s something that you have to create, it obviously does take the time to get into that routine. This also makes you aware of the workings. The boxcomes with various parts of a computer. All you need to do is just attach them properly and create the working model. The only challenge that one would find is to construct the computer at the first go. Though it works very efficiently once created and you need not worry about the rest.kano-diy-computer

Game Changer?

Anything that is entering the market is a game changer at some point of time, not precise about the period and the existence but it does make a change. Kano, accordingly also will make a change but keeping the same pace is something that cannot be predicted. It is designed for the people of all age group, is easy to understand and would contribute to the understanding of such technological skills.


  • Compact
  • Portable
  • Easy to carry
  • Simple to use
  • Light in weight
  • Entertains as well as educates
  • Convenient
  • Kid friendly

Kano is on a mission to make sure that the core audience between the age of 8 to 12 in Asia gets the access to this impactful DIY Computer. Development of the idea is under observation. Every new prototype is into creation with updating details. The prototypes were brought into the market and seen as to how it works among the people. And after that, follow-ups are taken and orders are being booked. Kano’s DIY Computer would cost only $150. It is Kano, it’s a computer and you make it yourself.

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