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LG G6 may no longer be a modular smartphone

LG G6 may no longer be a modular smartphone

LG launched G5, its flagship smartphone with a unique design and it is one of the first android Smartphone with a special feature of swapping a panel to replace it with a new feature to the device.

You can attach a camera module by popping out the bottom part of the phone; however, the swapping was not seamless though as to do so, it had a major issue of removing the battery first and then you can pop out the bottom part. Although no doubts, it has unique feature offering but it did not succeed. LG had plans to create a full ecosystem but the sales did not work out and by end of June they got a clear picture of this smartphone will not be a success.

G5, a modular design smartphone that was a big failure the company has now decided that they will not continue to use a modular design for its next phone G6. Along with LG, even Google failed in its project called Project Ara. Looking at Google to fail in one of its projects, LG is not surprising at all.

LG G6 may no longer be a modular smartphone

On the other hand, Motorola and Lenovo were lucky to succeed in delivering a successful modular design smartphone. The Moto Z came with magnetically attachable Moto Mods, which seems to be seamless and reliable. The Moto Mod design is already open for developers but the question is the idea of modular design smartphone will last long?

We wish a good luck to the LG team to have a successful G6 selling, which may overcome the deficit faced due to failure of G5. Looking at Motorola and Lenovo winning over the same thing where LG failed, we can say it’s not always the well-known company takes success home. We wish all the companies a good luck to have a great success in whatever they come up in the market.

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