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Logitech X100 Wireless Speakers – Review

Logitech’s new X100 wireless speakers priced at $49.99 offers a great sound experience and features among the range of bluetooth speakers available in the market. This donut sized portable speaker with a rubberized exterior comes with a decent battery life to last an entire day. This comes pretty handy for those who travel a lot. This device is compatible with any device that can stream Bluetooth Audio. You will be surprised to check that this sounds better than most of other phone speakers. This device with speakerphone capabilities is available in five bold colors namely green, orange, red, yellow and grey. In addition, it has built-in microphone for uninterrupted calls.

Logitech X100 bluetooth speaker

Let us have a clear look at its features –


Its unique and attractive design, best suiting people who lead an active lifestyle, will never fail to turn some heads around. It is not bigger than the size of a donut, which makes it hand-sized. The exterior of the speaker is primarily polyurethane which will make it live through bumps and drops. Around the edge of the cylinder are three buttons for Bluetooth and volume control along with a power button and other ports. It weighs only 5.7 ounces. A little loop on the top allows you to hang the speaker from a backpack.

Logitech X100 wireless speaker

Take it Anywhere

This device is perfect for life on the go. The best thing is about this device is the decent battery life of 5 hours. Its battery can be recharged over 90mm micro-USB cable. Moreover, the controls on this device are really easy. It is best suited to take music on the road because it pumps out impressively rich and clear sound. However, if you don’t travel much then you can simply listen it at home or office too.

Logitech X100 speaker features

Connect, Play and Rock

You will be shocked at its crystal clear sound in spite of its tiny size. Connect it wirelessly and stream music. It has speakerphone capabilities and a line input for non-Bluetooth devices also. The only negative thing about this device is that sound can distort a little at higher volumes. It can send or receive hands-free Smartphone calls. There is only one LED, tiny blue colored, located behind the speaker grill that blinks when the speaker is turned on.

Logitech X100 speaker review



There is not much to dislike in Logitech’s X100 wireless speakers. All in all, this little device has amazing sound reproduction capabilities and surprisingly high volume. Playfully designed, small, light, loud and a tough competitor to similar devices is available in the market at pretty inexpensive price. The only drawback is that there is no battery life indicator. It can be called a smart choice depending upon the features for music lovers. It is recommended not to rely on this device for important hands-free calls.

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