Microsoft at BUILD: New Games and Apps coming to Windows Phone

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Windows Phone is slowly but steadily getting up there with the two big boys right now that is Android and iOS in the case of apps and games with the top games and apps making their way to Microsoft’s  and you can expect more love your Windows Phone devices with some great news coming out from the Microsoft’s annual conference Build.

Although there are no big news about Windows Phone development at the Build which is slightly disappointing because i was hoping for some news on a Windows Phone 8.1 update but there are some great news for Windows Phone owners such as me since there are a lot of games and apps incoming.

Windows Phone

Starting with apps, there are some cool new apps in the Windows Phone Store now such as Xfinity TV, ABC News, Voxer, Walgreens, and MarketWatch. There are even more incoming as Flipboard has announced there will be a Flipboard app for all the Windows platforms by this fall. The app for Mint is also making its way this year and hopefully there are more to come for us patient Windows Phone owners.

Windows Phone

On the games side of things, Windows Phone Store has been a getting a healthy dose of great games and now Microsoft has announced that there are new games coming  from Disney:

Avengers Initiative
Monsters University
Temple Run: Oz
Wreck It Ralph

So here’s hoping to more apps and games and a much needed Windows Phone 8.1 update.



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