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Moto X 2nd Gen: A Package of Style and Performance!

Motorola has been rolling out power packed smartphones one after the other and seems to be providing everyone bang for their buck. But for those who expect a lot more from their smartphones especially in battery aspect which Motorola smartphones lack, Moto X 2nd Gen will surely win their hearts! Its latest offering i.e. Moto X 2nd Gen is an improved version of its predecessors and has definitely generated a lot of buzz! Here’s what it has to offer:

Pure style


That’s what the Motorla X 2nd generation claims! It is a 5.2 inch smartphone sporting a curved metal frame design helping you hold the phone in your hand easily. It also comes with a water resistant coating so that you can protect it from accidental splashes. However for that to work, it is crucial that you cover it with a back cover which you can buy online at discounted price by using eBay coupons present on It comes in varied styles such as metal accents, colorful hues, leather touch and real rood (Ah! Rustic!) which means you can go for one as per your taste and preferences! Top it with the customizable laser-etched signature with which you can make your phone stand out.

Pure performance

moto x 2nd generation hands on

In this era, the number of tasks on our plate is more than what we can do. This has led us to learn multi-tasking and do tons of things via our mobile only. Be it doing shopping or recharging our phone anywhere, listening to songs while playing games or accessing numerous apps to make our lives easier; we are using it just for everything. And being kept waited is something which we won’t like. Here’s why this new smartphone wouldn’t disappoint you. Powered by 2.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quadcore processor and 2 GB RAM, it will make multi-tasking a breeze for you. Coupled with Android KitKat, the device further boosts its performance.

Stunning and Intuitive camera

moto x second generation All-day-battery

There’s a reason why camera phones are eating the market of digital cameras. Because most people are now resorting to using only their phone’s camera for capturing pictures. The hassles of carrying their camera everywhere, taking it out from their bag, turning it on and then transferring those pictures to mobile gets pretty exhausting. And not to mention, a lot of precious moments get lost! No doubt, Motorola leaved no stone unturned here. It has a 13 mega pixel rear camera with f/2.25 aperture which will let you capture bright and clear images. Also, you can launch the camera anytime without unlocking your screen by sampling twisting your wrist gently! Awesome, right?

Best voice experience

moto x 2nd generation

How many times have you wished that you could control your phone just by your voice? Well, this feature will turn around the life of lazy bones! You can control this smartphone just by your voice! You can make your own voice prompts and then send messages, browse your whatsapp account and also take calls. Has this incredible feature sent adrenaline rush in your veins? Are you tempted? Buy it now by using Flipkart coupons present on before its pieces get sold out! Its features make it sound like a Limited edition product!

Storage for your never ending needs

There’s so much that we store in our smartphones today that we run out of space in it so soon. Be it storing our ever increasing selfies or our favourite list of songs, new movies which we missed out or catching up the latest season of a drama serial, various apps to simplify our lives or lecture notes; all of this takes up a considerable space. The Moto X 2nd Gen offers 16GB of internal space to handle your needs of ever increasing data files. However you cannot expand the storage beyond that since it doesn’t have a SD card slot.

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