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Motorola Moto X launch event on August 1st while images and specs leak

Motorola’s Moto X smartphone has been leaked and rumored for what seems like ages and now Motorola is sending invites to the media for the Moto X launch event on 1st August as press images have leaked of the device along with specifications.

Moto X

The Moto X truly competes with the Lumia 1020 for the award of the most leaked and rumored smartphone of the year. Well jokes apart, the Moto X smartphone has been rumored for quite long and seriously we were getting bored of all the senseless hype and finally come August 1st, we’ll know all the details of the Moto X.

The Google owned company, Motorola had teased the device earlier saying that it would be the frist device consumers could design themselves, the internet went ballistic on the thought that they could choose the specs of the device but unfortunately what this really means is that you’ll be able to choose the color of the backplate, the wallpaper. Yes my interest also went down as you lost it right now.

The tagline by Motorola read, “Designed by you, Assembled in the USA” and erlier this week Motorola teased a photo of Moto X getting assembled in the factories so that means it could go on sale in the US pretty soon.

Moto X

Coming to the leaked images and the specs. The press renders have leaked thanks to @evleaks as always. The folks at The Verge have confirmed that the Moto X will feature a 4.5-inch display of most probably 720p resolution, 1.7 GHz Snapdragon dual-core MSM8960T processor, 2GB of RAM and a removable Kevlar back plate.

The primary camera is said to be 10 MP with an LED flash and a 2 MP front facing camera. The Moto X will most probably come with Android 4.3 which should be detailed at the Google’s 24th July event with Android boss Sundar Pichai.

Moto X

So you must be thinking with such mid-range specs what makes the device so hyped about then there are said to be some cool tricks up in its software. The device is said to have an Always Listening Mode which will as its name suggests listen to you and get your commands for Google Now. We should be hear more about this at the event. There’s also Auto HDR mode in the camera. The device will be the first smartphone to come out with the Google stamp and hopefully the Moto X will get the software update love just like the Nexus devices.

The reports suggest that the Moto X will go on sale in all the major carriers in US and will come at very competitive price points just like the Nexus 4. Come August 1st and we’ll be bringing you all the details you want to know of the Moto X.


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