Much Awaited iPad Pro Might Arrive in a Couple of Months

There have been many rumours and news about a new different version of the iPad with a bigger screen size since a year, and according to some Apple suppliers, it is likely to be launched soon. The rumours of an announcement from Apple came a couple of times for the last couple of months but only to be declined by Apple.

apple ipad pro leaked pictures

This time, however, the rumours came from the Apple supply chain leakers, which states that iPad Pro production might start by September or October this year. The screen size expected to be around 12.9 inches and made by Sharp. There is also some reports of a force touch stylus to be included with the new iPad Pro. This week Apple news site iMore reported that an App data analytics firm Appsee has tracked some logs testing a new device, known as “iPad6,8” in testing which indicates that iPad pro might be in the making.

Steve jobs was against the idea of a Stylus, back in 2007 during the introduction of iPhone, he even said that stylus is something he said Apple would never do.

If the rumors are indeed true, the iPad Pro will have some tough competition by the time it’s launched. Samsung already has a Galaxy Note tablet with the S Pen, then there’s also rumors suggesting a new Surface Pro with a stylus. Apart from the competition, it’s important to note that the iPad sales have been on the wane, so we are not sure if the iPad Pro will be able to change that. Anyways, the iPad Pro rumors have been there since what seems like an eternity now, so we will have to wait for an official Apple announcement to believe it.

As of now, all of the specifications are just rumours and there have always been rumours about Apple products but most of the time these rumours just die down and proven wrong. So we still have to wait for a couple of more months to hear some confirmation from Apple if this is true.

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