Google’s Nexus 7 successor leaks out in press images and Best Buy ad

The upcoming and highly awaited next generation of Google’s Nexus 7 Tablet has just leaked out in press shots and who has leaked out the pics, any guesses? Yes you are right, its the @evleaks again.

Nexus 7

The next generation 7-inch Tablet from Google looks thinner than the original Nexus 7 and we can also see a rear camera in the Tablet unlike the original device. Other hardware features we can notice is the Asus, the maker of the Tablet’s logo along with the Nexus branding. There are no buttons on the front pretty much like the Nexus 7 and there’s a notification LED just below the display. There also seems to be dual speakers on the Nexus 7 successor. The @evleaks also states that the new Nexus 7 will come in 16 and 32 Gb variants both.

There’s another leak for our pleasure as the new Nexus 7 was spotted in an ad on Google+ by Best Buy showing off the new Google Nexus 7, the leaked ad confirms the device having a 7-inch 1920 x 1200 display and the price at $229.99 for the 16GB version.

Nexus 7

We all know of the Google event on Wednesday where we expect the unveiling of Android 4.3 and Google likes to unveil new Android versions with hardware so the Nexus 7 successor should be announced as well. I wrote in the Galaxy Tab 3 launch post that anyone wanting a great Tablet at a great price should wait for the Nexus 7 refresh and at $229, the Nexus 7 is surely a great Tablet, better than anything else out there. Hopefully it makes its way to India sooner this time around.

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