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Nike FuelBand SE – All you need to know

What is it?

The Nike FuelBand SE is an activity tracker wore on the wrist or ankle that collaborates with you iPhone or Android to track your daily activities and compete against friends within the Nike community. It is the upgrade from the original FuelBand. Your exercises and movements are monitored and you can set daily goals and targets for yourself. All changes and activity generate NikeFuel points, which can unlock achievements, can be shared with friends, or can be used to engage others in the competition.


What features does it have?

The band works on what Nike call a 3-axis accelerometer which delivers instant feedback on your every movement. These actions earn you NikeFuel points which are Nike’s currency of choice. It’s not enough Bitcoin, and I think a cashier would be shocked if you asked to pay with NikeFuel in a shop but the object is to gain as many points as possible by performing as many actions as possible. Nike says the best way to push yourself is to turn it into a game and push yourself to beat your previous score. Whether you are trying to lose that extra Christmas weight or just get fit, the objective is to beat your objectives and hopefully outperform your friends as well.

The band features a built-in USB 2.0 so you can easily connect to your laptop or MacBook and charge the device. The device comes in 3 sizes – extra-large and weights 32 g, large/medium and weights 30 grams and small size which weight 27 grams. They are all widely considered comfortable to wear over the day and night. The box also contains an extra link as with most watched in case you need to increase the size slightly. One disappointment of the original Nike FuelBand was the disappointing battery life. Fortunately, they have addressed this issue, and the battery life has gone from 2/3 days to 6/7 days of use. The band also features a sleep tracker which monitors your sleep, but the data has been found to be often inaccurate, and you have to turn the band off when you wake up to get the statistics. Alternatively, you can download many different applications on your iPhone or Android that can track your sleeping habits and give you data on how adequate your sleep is.


There are not altogether massive changes or updates from the original FuelBand to the FuelBand SE as Nike clearly thought they had a winning formula. One new feature that was added to create an environment of fun and competition is the Win the Hour mode which encourages constant movement. The premise is that you should have at least 5 minutes of activity every hour and once that time is reached, the LED display flashes up with the encouraging message telling you to get up and go. You could opt to have a notification on your iPhone.


One continuing issue that has been raised is cheating. Nike says that they use complex calculations to determine if you are out running or just eating pizza while wave your hand. Nike says they have addressed the issue, but some people have complained that it is far too easy to cheat.


How much does it cost?

Although they are no longer in production, you can still get your hands on a FuelBand SE for around $250.00. Second-hand models are available online for much cheaper.


Are there any alternatives?

Many options on the market range in price and quality. Some well-reviewed bands include the FitBit Charge, the FitBit Flex, and The Garmin Vivosmart.


Will there be a new model soon?

Unfortunately, production has ceased altogether on the Nike FuelBand, and the company has announced that they have no plans to release any new models. They have released an update to the application which means that anything the FuelBand does can be done by your phone. Rather than tracking your arm movements from the data that the FuelBand sends your unit, the application uses the processor of your phone to gather the same data. Studies revealed that phones are just as capable of accurately tracking movement and fitness as any wearable band. Unfortunately for Nike, the study performed by the University of Pennsylvania revealed that the most inaccurate device was the Nike FuelBand and that most people using a fitness tracker would be better off using their mobile phones.



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