No autonomous cars for India and Brazil till drivers aren’t disciplined: Carlos Ghosn

Autonomous cars (also known as driver-less or robotic cars) are already a reality. And are also the major accelerating innovation for the automotive industry. But its potential impact with respect to penetration and timing remains unclear. On top of that, the Renault-Nissan group head, Carlos Ghosn said on Thursday at the Paris Motor Show that the autonomous cars will first start operating only on those streets or in those nations where the drivers are ‘disciplined’ and they know how to ‘respect the rules.’

Autonomous Cars - Representational Image

Autonomous Car Technology – Representational Image

Straightforwardly stabbing the flexible approaches in countries like Brazil and India relating to mapping & driving rules, Carlos Ghosn said that for now, this futuristic vehicle would remain off their cards.

He also told the reporters at the Paris motor show, “You need to have a mapping which is precise and reliable. You also need to have such driving rules which are being respected. Because autonomous cars / vehicles respect the rules.”

Carlos Ghosn said that he believes the self-driving / autonomous cars would first hit the roads of the ‘very disciplined driving countries’. Those countries include the United States, Japan, Germany and / or France. And then, later on, little by little, they are going to apply the technology for countries where things are a bit more flexible.

Ghosn adds that in India’s metropolis Mumbai which is spread out over a large area in an irregular way, “people do not always respect the rules”. He further goes on by saying, that you know very well how in some cities of Brazil, this is a joke. I live in Brazil and at night cars just don’t stop at the red light. In fact, nobody stops.

The Renault-Nissan partnership plans to launch at least 10 driver-less cars by the year 2020. But they do not see India as the target market for its electric vehicles as of yet.

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