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Nokia Lumia 520 is now the best selling Windows device in the World!

Nokia Lumia 520 sales have been a great boost for Nokia smartphone sales and it continues to do well as recent reports revealed that out of the whole Windows Phone sales, 30% of them were Lumia 520.

Now there’s some more interesting news regarding the Lumia 520 as Paul Thurrot, a Microsoft evangelist who attended the recent Microsoft company meeting revealed that the low-end but very capable smartphone is now the best selling single Windows device besting any other Windows Phone, Windows Tablet or Windows PC.

Lumia 520

This is great news for Windows Phone but it shows us that high end Windows 8 attempts from Microsoft are truly failing. With the PC market on the decline and mobile and Tablet market on the boom, Microsoft will sure get a boost how the Windows Phone running Lumia 520 and its US alternative Lumia 521 has been selling.

The Lumia 520 is a huge hit here in India as you can see plenty of Lumia 520s all around and as per reports it has been selling quite well in every market it is available thanks to the device being great value for money. At the price range it is offered it is truly not matchable by any other device. The Lumia 520 will also be getting the Amber update which will bring some nice features so it ‘s sales are unlikely to slow down. Lumia 520 and the Lumia 1020 (it recently launched in India) which features a unbeatable camera are the devices that can truly bring Windows Phone to the forefront.

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