Nokia Lumia EOS/1020/909 now leaked in its full glory

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We are very much awaiting the true PureView Lumia which is most probably launching this July 11th but someone out there just can’t wait as the leaks are coming out in its full glory now with the press images getting leaked along with the confusion of what it’ll be its official name.

The awesome @evleaks which has a great track record in leaks has now posted the pictures of what should be the press images of the Nokia Lumia Elvis for AT&T which is the AT&T version of the global Lumia EOS. Take a look at the pictures below and now we can clearly see the “41” on the back thus confirming that we are in for some camera awesomeness.

Lumia Lumia

The design of the device looks identical to the Lumia 920 but for the back where you can see the huge camera sensor and the hump which are in almost every Nokia camera flagship with the Xenon flash, Zeiss branding and also an LED flash for videos.

There is also a confusion on what the device will be called officially as @evleaks had first tweeted that the Lumia EOS will be called Lumia 1020 but now it has said that the device will be called Lumia 909 following in lines of the original 41 MP Symbian monster Lumia 808 PureView.

The specs are still a mystery but some of them are pretty obvious such as the 4.5-inch Amoled display of HD resolution as Microsoft hasn’t extended Windows Phone support to 1080p so we will have to be content with an HD display to view the high resolution photos the camera of this device will take. We can expect the internals to be same as the Lumia 920. On the software side of things, there will be an extension of what we saw in the Lumia 925, that is the Nokia smart camera which other Lumia devices will also be getting this August in the Nokia Amber update.  The Lumia 1020/909 will be having Nokia Pro camera which will most probably give you extensive features like 808 camera viewfinder.

The Lumia 1020/909 has leaked extensively like no other smartphone with photos and even a mini review. We can’t wait to see what Nokia has in store for us on July 11th and we’ll be bringing all the news we get from the event as this is the Lumia we have been waiting for so stay tuned.


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