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Nokia to unveil 6 new devices at Nokia World, October 22nd

We all know that Nokia is holding its annual Nokia World event in Abu Dhabi this year on October 22nd with the tagline Innovation Reinvented and now we have more news on what all we could expect at Nokia’s biggest event.

Nokia World

The Verge reports that we’ll be witnessing the launch of six new devices at the event. Well that’s quite a lot if you ask us but we could see this year’s Nokia World as the one last big blast before the Microsoft acquisition.

Nokia World

Nokia Lumia 2520, Upcoming Windows RT Nokia Tablet

We are quite sure about a couple of big Lumias (pun intended) at the event, one being the 6-inch phablet Lumia 1520 which has been in the rumor mills and leak factories for long and the Windows RT tablet Lumia 2520. There’s a Asha device as well we are quite sure about, the Asha 500 which had leaked recently.

Nokia World

Nokia Lumia 1520, Upcoming Nokia phablet

Rest of the three devices are still a mystery but we can surely speculate and use our wishful thinking. If you ask me , there will be a couple of more Ashas and a budget Lumia smartphone.

Nokia World

Nokia Asha 500

Along with the new Lumias, we will also get to know more about the upcoming GDR3 update for Windows Phone which is said to bring more tile sizes, custom tones, driver mode, better multitasking and the notification center is also rumored and Nokia’s updated slew of features with Bittersweet Shimmer which will give Glance the ability to show notifications among other things.

Let’s hope Nokia manages to surprise us one last time at the Nokia World. It will surely be an emotional moment for us as Nokia presents its Nokia World event one last time.

Picture courtesy: Evleaks

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