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Now you can TAG friends individually in group chats on WhatsApp

Just in case you missed this wonderful update for your WhatsApp mobile application, let me tell you more about it. WhatsApp developers have silently launched an extra feature to the hugely-popular messenger for both iOS and Android users. The feature is the “possibility to TAG individual friends in group chats.” It also enables to send the notification to the tagged individual even if they have muted the conversation.

WhatsApp _ Tag a friend feature

Previously too WhatsApp came out with an update to overcome the conversation problem in group chats. This update allows you to “reply to one particular message by quoting the message itself,” making sure what you are responding to.

Both these latest features are now live and also available on both Android and iOS stores. You just have to update your WhatsApp mobile application and there you go, the features are added.

How to TAG an individual in group chats?

I guess many of us might be knowing how to tag a person while on chats. Like it happens on other social media channels the same it happens here. Simply open any group conversation and just start typing the ” @ ” symbol to tag your friend. The moment you type the symbol a list of all the group members pops up. So just click on the name of the person you want to tag and that’s what you need to do.

WhatsApp _ Tag a friend feature

This simplistic feature enables clarity in group conversations where there are more members and sometimes it becomes a chaos to address any one person in particular. So it’s more like sending personalized messages to the ones you are addressing.

Though others would also be seeing that particular message and it’s nothing secretive. But what’s more satisfying is that now you won’t have to face confusions and clarity would also be maintained.

And it’s not just about one, but you can “tag multiple contacts in a single message.” Just tap at once on multiple names you want to tag in a single message.

Surprisingly, it’s even possible to “tag those people who aren’t yet saved in your contact list” but are included in the same group. Unfortunately, this new addition is still not available on the standalone desktop messenger app.

Another best thing here is that tagging someone will also “drop them a notification” for the same. It highlights that this particular person has been called out in the group conversation. And the notification comes through “even if the chats have been previously muted.”

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