OLO: The first ever Smartphone 3D Printer

3D printers are getting popular and no wonder they are soo cool. We have seen how 3D Printing Drones are helping build huge structures of the future. Olo is a different kind of cool 3D printer which can be controlled from your smartphone. This interesting product has won many awards and special mention by leading magazines. So let’s have a look what makes OLO printer so cool.

There are lots of 3D printing devices available in the market, but most of them are either too bulky or unaffordable due to hefty price tag. But OLO stands apart in its portable design and with it’s brilliant piece of hardware which is priced at just $99 that lets anyone print in 3D with their smartphones. Due to it’s small size, it is easy to carry this 3D printer in your pocket on the go, all you need is a set of batteries to start printing.  It may be one of the first battery powered 3D portable printer.

Print any damn thing with just your phone and need not worry about the rest. The link ring or the line of a centimeter or an inch, it makes it easier for anyone to print anything in 3D.

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olo 3d smartphone printer

Design and how OLO 3D Printer works:

Olo is a compact printer so small that it fits in your palms very easily. It is made up of 7 plastic parts, out of which two are identical, one chip and a motor over which the mechanism works. It is designed in such a way that the user can easily pour in the resin, add the design that one wants and simple wait for the finished product to be ready in minutes.

how olo printer works

Concept Rating

The concept of portable printer that is soo small and powered by just AA batteries is brilliant. In the world where 3D printers are growing, competition is tight and almost everyone wishes to win the race, OLO printers bring the best solution in a small size at a small price to all of them. What one thinks, what he portrays and what it actually is, differs, and so OLO be the best for all to give what you think. It enables better understanding and simple to use.

olo 3d printing from smartphone



Every second person has grown to the level of need of printing. Be it simple for a school project, a company project or something that one needs for the homely use as well, but printing becomes necessary. A student, an employer or an employee, a house worker or a vendor, be it anyone and everyone can use the OLO printer for the betterment and easing their lives. It is easy to use, simple add in the resin into the device, your defined product or the shape and wait until the finished product come out.

olo 3d printing machine

Game Changer?

OLO printer is a game changer without any doubt. It changes and molds the perspectives of the people in a solution that is presentable. The concept of making something that you think itself is a success in its own way. Nothing can beat the idea of what the OLO printers bring.


  • Simple to use
  • Enables the 3D technology
  • Light weight
  • Stylish
  • Social
  • Inexpensive
  • Portable
  • Compatible with all the systems
  • Offers many options
  • Precise
  • Cordless and discreet

Launch, Availability and Expected Prices

The expected delivery of the first slot of the OLO printers in US is said to be in the September 2016, followed by worldwide delivery in November 2016. It is supposedly the most simple and cheapest 3D printer that one can have, almost at the prices of $99.

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