ONAGOfly: A Smart & Palm-Sized Camera Drone

Revolutionising the drone industry ONAGOfly palm-sized smart camera drone enables the users to take photographs and videos from all possible high to low angles. And this can happen whenever and wherever the user wants. Rather than creating a drone with complicated settings & controls, ONAGOfly believes in a simplistic design coupled with the ease of use maximise user experience.

Share with the world from the palm of your hand – ONAGOfly Camera Drone

ONAGOfly nano camera drone empower you to easily go handsfree and become your personal videographer. It saves your captures directly to the smartphone gallery. Onagofly is controlled with an iOS or Android device. It is primarily designed to click aerial selfies or record 1080p full-HD video with its 15 megapixels camera.

ONAGOfly doesn’t let you sacrifice on those special moments, experiences, passion and your choices. It easily captures & shares those meaningful & exciting moments of your life. It is a highly portable gadget that takes off from your hand that too hassle-free. You can hover your drone to a particular istance or manually control its flight path.

Onagofly palm sized camera drone

Users of all age and experience levels can navigate this smart drone effortlessly. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. It is also capable of sharing the photographs on your favourite social media network.

It’s designed to capture from the higher angle without any trouble. With its cutting edge obstacle avoidance technology the drone detects just about any obstruction in its path. It seamlessly shifts its direction to escape contact.


Onagofly palm sized camera drone featuresONAGOfly is designed with a brushless DC motor that generally works for an adequate time. And the device just weighs around 140 grams.

The GPS module enables an auto-follow technology. The drone’s inbuilt auto-follow feature allows it to follow you around everywhere. Wi-Fi facility allows interconnectivity with the smart devices. This also facilitates you to share those perfect moments on the mobile devices and also over the social media networks. Infrared obstacle avoidance senses a 360-degree route.

The 15megapixels camera captures amazing pictures along with HD video recording. It’s a tiny device but with greater and stable functionality. Toss the ONAGOfly camera drone into the air and instantly be ready to shoot.

And just in case you are a big fan of speed and racing, you’ll be love with the ONAGOfly because of its “tilt control mode”. Control it just like a video game and create a classic & instinctive racing experience.

Onagofly palm sized camera drone - Technical Specs

ONAGOfly palm-sized camera drone – Technical Specs


  • Power On the ONAGOfly Nano Drone
  • Start the mobile application
  • And you are ready to go!


It has a user interface that’s absolutely intuitive. This is a free mobile application that lets you fly the device via a direct Wi-Fi connection. This stretches up to 30 meters (98 feet) and enables you to tilt & move the drone with your smartphone or with the onscreen keys.

ONAGOfly palm sized camera drone - Mobile App


These are what you get inside the box:

  • ONAGOfly camera drone
  • 2 sets of propellers
  • 1 charger
  • A micro USB cable
  • And a user manual


ONAGOfly is an incredible technology available at an affordable pricing. It makes a sophisticated statement that will surprise you. The nano drone is priced at $299 exclusive of taxes & shipping. It is available for PRE-ORDER.


Pricing of this camera drone is still too high for it offers. In some cases, the drone just doesn’t work the way it should. It causes some issues with the functionality and is also of the inferior quality. MicroSD card gets stuck in the port.

Charging the drone is also a pain where you manually have to disconnect the physical battery, then connect the USB charger to the drone and reconnect the physical battery.

The mobile application also tends to crash in some cases. And most importantly, inspite of clicking better photographs and videos, the camera lags. Yes, it does.

The drone actually needs some improvements to cater to the audience and gather that fame.

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