Orient Electric strikes the right chord with Wind-Pro 5-blade TPW Fans

Orient Electric is a name to reckon with when it comes to fans. Recently, the brand launched its new line of Wind-Pro TPW fans or Table, Pedestal and Wall fans in Bangalore and I was privileged to witness the launch in person. I was curious to find out how special these fans were, given the fact that all portable fans are in general perceived to be the same. The only difference is that some of them are high speed while others are normal speed fans. You can check out some of the best floor fans suggested by “mippin

What makes Orient Wind-Pro TPW fans so special?

Southern India, in general, is a tropical zonal area for the most part and the average temperature and humidity usually ticks on the higher note of the thermometer. Due to this climatic diversity, the requirements of the people living in South India also comes down to a collective need to have fans with good air thrust. Most fans in Indian households, irrespective of whether they are a stand fan or a wall fan or any other kind for that matter; comes with 3 blades and in some cases four.

The existing breed of High Speed TPW fans does provide high air flow but make a lot of noise causing disturbance while also consuming more electricity. This is a problem that consumers face and Orient has well addressed the concern by launching the revolutionary 5-blade Wind Pro range of portable fans. These fans deliver a whopping 95 CMM of air that has very high thrust and delivery and the noise is also lesser in comparison to high-speed fans. These fans also consume less power making them all the more desirable.

A major highlight of Orient Wind-Pro fans is the use of Concentric Winding technique which is responsible in eliminating electrical imbalance at any given speed. As a result, the motor noise also goes down resulting in super silent operation and high air flow.

Key Features of Wind-Pro Fans

  • Unique combination of Motor and Impeller
  • More air thrust than High Speed Fans
  • Silent operation
  • 20% Less Power consumption than High Speed Fans
  • Refreshing white body with almost transparent blades
  • Thermal overload protection

As for technical specifications of the fans, they have a sweep of 400 mm that really stands out among the other brands of fans in the market currently. With an astounding 95 CMM/5700 CMH air delivery, the fans feature oscillation and speed control. Speaking of air flow of these fans in practical, I could experience it from a good distance. To top it all, these fans enjoy an elegant make that will surely look good in any setting.

The pricing for Orient Wind PRO fans starts at Rs 2,370. One can also shop directly from Orient’s e-commerce portal, www.orientelectriceshop.com.

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