Pentax K 30- The Rough and Tough Camera from Pentax

Pentax is another giant in camera manufacturing and marketing field. Pentax, almost from the beginning stages makes cameras which are mostly concentrated on professional type. The Pentax K 30 is one of the best cameras Pentax has created. It’s tough with resistance to dusty and wet weather conditions. Astonishingly it has been tested under subfreezing conditions. Pentax K 30 is available in crystal blue, crystal white and black. It’s capable of taking around 450+ pictures powered by a lithium ion battery. Pentax K 30 features full HD recording, high speed burst shooting mode, 3 inch LCD screen and most interestingly 80+ various seals for resistance from dust, weather and cold. Pentax K 30 gives best performance even in hiking and other adventurous tours where weather conditions are not good.

Pentax K 30- Overview


The Pentax K 30 DSLR has several important features. Let’s take a look at them,

Rough and Tough

Well, the most eminent feature of Pentax K 30- DSLR is its resistance to bad weather conditions and high quality pictures in such conditions. Its weather sealed with more than 80 seals for resistance from dust, weather and cold conditions. It has been proved to be working perfectly fine even at temperatures below 0°C.


Pentax K 30- Screen

3 inch LCD Screen

Pentax K 30 comes with a 16Mega Pixel APS C CMOS image sensor, 3 inch LCD screen and a lithium ion battery. It is powered by a PRIME M processor for good quality digital photography. It weighs about 650 grams.

Shooting Modes

It comes with high speed burst shooting mode with a speed up to six frames per second. Pentax K 30 supports auto picture, various scene modes, auto horizon correction and astrotracer mode. It is also equipped with shake reduction mechanism.

HD Imaging and Video Recording

Pentax K 30 delivers high quality digital photography. It supports full HD video recording with up to 60 fps in 720p and 30 fps in 1080p. Due to the multi pattern metering system used for accurate light metering, Pentax K 30 delivers high quality imaging even in bad light conditions.


Pentax K 30 DSLR is priced at Rs.47000 (only body) in India.

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