Play Station Vita- A Gadget You Would Love to Have

Sony has been one of the best organizations manufacturing gaming consoles since handheld gaming was introduced. Starting from the Play Station, Sony Computer Entertainment released a series of improvised and cutting edge gaming consoles. The latest of it is the Play Station Vita which was released in India during the earlier months of the current year. It includes a Multi Touch 5 inch OLED (Organic Light Emitting Display) screen, a Multi Touch Pad on the rear, front and rear cameras and 3G connectivity. It also comprises of a gyroscope, accelerometer and electronic compass along with three motion sensors. Totally to say, it is the most powerful and stylish handheld gaming console ever created.

Play Station Vita-Overview

Play Station Vita- Overview

Play Station Vita- Distinguished Features

Awesome Multi Touch Capability

Play Station Vita-5 inch OLED Screen

5 inch OLED Screen

With a 5 inch Multi Touch OLED screen along with a rear touch pad, Play Station Vita gives you a revolutionary touch experience in gaming. The rear touchpad gives a new dimension in gaming providing you a greater hand control and superior interaction with 3D motion games. The OLED screen brings life to gaming with a never seen rich color display in handheld gaming consoles.

Augmented Reality Experience

Play Station Vita brings life to gaming. Literally to say, it does! The two cameras-front and rear, transform your surroundings and takes you into the game. Experience a whole new world playing with PS Vita. This is a milestone in Portable Gaming domain.

Motion Sensors and Dual Analog Sticks for Uncompromised Gaming Experience…

The dual sticks provide you an uncompromised good old PS gaming experience. Motion sensors give an awesome control on games with motion sensing. Car games, Motorbike games and other motion dependent games become more interesting than ever with Play Station Vita.

Cross Platform Feature

Play Station Vita-Cross Platform Play

Cross Platform Experience

You can start playing a game on your PS Vita pause it and continue the game on your Play Station 3! Isn’t that amazing? The Cross Platform allows you to do the above and also vice versa. Also Multiplayer games can be played on Play Station Vita with opponents on PS3 console.

Finally to say Play Station Vita is a powerful gaming console with unmatched technology. Probably one cannot wait to get hands on experience with Play Station Vita. It’s a “Perfect Gizmo for a Perfect Gamer”


Play Station Vita range starts at Rs.19900. A worth price for a powerful handheld gaming device.

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