Podo – $50 Stickable & Pocket Size Camera

After the ultimate crowd funding success last year, Podo (by PodoLabs), the first ever stick and shoot camera is brought to life. Podo turns any surface (wall, tree, or fence) into an improvised tripod with its micro adhesive sticky pad replacing the needs of a selfie stick. It isn’t a waterproof camera but giving Podo a rinse restores it to the original sticky base. And interestingly, the sticky base is also magnetic.

Podo - The Stick and Shoot Camera


The all new Podo comes with better connectivity, bigger sensors, excellent lens, and that too at half the price.


It has an all-new image sensor with pixels that are 2x bigger than the previous one. This means, there’s low noise, more light, and better pictures. In a survey comparing Podo photographs with iPhone 6s and Samsung Galaxy S7, Podo pixels are considerably bigger.

  • LENS

Next, Podo has a wide-angle precision cut glass lens fitting you and your entire crew easily into a frame. Apart from this, there’s a totally new feature on Podo. You can connect up to 6 Podos and control them with just one smartphone. Imagine shooting a multi-angle time-lapse of the most beautiful location. Sounds exciting, right?


Podo is available on Kickstarter for only $49. This is their way of saying thanks for achieving the crowd funding goal.

Podo - The Stick and Shoot Camera Breakdancing

Podo – The Stick and Shoot Camera Breakdancing


The camera shoots photographs at 5MP nothing like a trend setter but acceptable for sharing on the social media. It also happily films videos at 720p, 30fps. It features a built-in rechargeable battery with an 8 GB memory storage.

The camera has a long way to go towards making photography a fun experience. It is a superb option for people who recognize their need of something flexible and also something beyond what their smartphones can offer.


Podo is a compact technological device with larger benefits. The company uses sensors that comparatively have better dynamic range, excellent low-light performance, reliable performance not making the device to overheat, and less prone to digital noise.

Podo advances you both the freedom and control. Having a control of a selfie stick and freedom of a tripod (super sticky reusable pad). This is Podo’s major USP. How does it get this better?

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