PowerEgg Is a Gesture Controlled Drone Which Folds Itself Into an Egg

We are always worried about missing to capture our special moments or any moment of our life. PowerEgg is all geared up to help you enhance your lifestyle and you will never miss a single moment be it sitting on a beach watching the sunset, your kid playing in the park and much more.

PowerEgg Is a Gesture Controlled Drone Which Folds Itself Into an Egg

It supports iOS and Android flight app. With the help of the powerful autonomous flight modes, it can capture those special moments. A Maestro based controller takes the control of your arm movement in real time and asks you to mention a location for the drone in the sky.

Features of PowerEgg

  • It takes a form of egg hence it is easy to carry and store
  • Maestro controller is world’s first gesture-based control
  • The drone has power modes that execute the complicated flight tasks at the time you are engaged capturing the shot
  • The control ranges up to 3.1 miles / 5 kilometers
  • It has 3-axis gimbal that stabilizes and smooths the video footage
  • It comes with customized designer skins including the winning design of the PowerEgg Design challenge
  • You can choose between a maestro controller and a traditional two-handed joystick controller

PowerEgg Is a Gesture Controlled Drone Which Folds Itself Into an Egg

What does it comes with?

  • Aircraft
  • Stand
  • Base station
  • Remote control
  • Maestro control
  • Charger
  • Smart Battery
  • Backpack

PowerEgg comes with and altitude range of 0.2 – 4m and velocity range of 2m above the ground. Some other important specifications are it weighs 2100 g and maximum flight speed comes with 13 m/s. the camera comes with various image size like 4,254 x 3,264 and 2,560 x 1,920 with a shutter speed of 8s to 1/8,000 s.


You can now buy PowerEgg on its website and it is available online worth of $1,288.00


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