Prisma for iOS Adds 15 Seconds Video Support

Prisma, the phenomenal photo editing application that creates photographs with real life painting effect, took over the world after its launch in June 2016. All that we could see everywhere were the painting-like selfies. Initially, the developers promised on adding video filters to the app for which they maintained their word. Prisma now announces an innovative and updated Prisma for iOS with a 15-sec video support feature.

What’s New?

Introducing Video!



The iOS app version for Prisma supports 9 different video filters to choose from. Developers would be adding more new filters to the app in the coming days. The styles include Candy, Cold Fish, Curly Hair, Illegal Beauty, Gothic, Paper Art, Roy, Tokyo, and The Scream.

You can apply those filters to a clip that’s no longer than 15 seconds and also trim the length of a video in case it’s more than 15 secs. Unlike photographs, data connection isn’t required for video editing as the entire video processing takes place on your phone (offline).

Prisma for iOS: Creating 15 seconds of art

But you can expect your hardware to heat up a bit that too depending upon which iPhone model you are using. Prisma will run on iOS 10 for video editing. The actual time to process the video also depends on the capability of your phone’s hardware. According to Prisma, an iPhone 7 will take around 30 secs to process a 15 second video, but the time doubles approximately on an iPhone 6S device.

At the moment, this feature is present only in the beta program but gradually it will move towards general public too. And the developers of Prisma also intend to add GIF feature very soon, while the filter quality will continue to be improved.


It seems that android users might still have to wait a little more to receive the video editing feature update. Developer remained silent when asked about the same. This surely means that the Android update isn’t happening soon and users wouldn’t be able to convert their videos into masterpieces.


Prisma creates masterpieces through artificial intelligent coding. It uses the predictive analyses of DeepDream-esque Neural Network Imaging technology to achieve the stylistic interpretations. This typically makes the photographs more unique and standard photo filters.

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