Prynt is a Futuristic Smartphone Case With a Photo Printer

Remember the old polaroid camera which your Dad use to carry around proudly. He would click a photo and you will get it instantly. It was like a magic. In today’s digital world since smartphones took over as our primary camera devices, they lost their importance. But, what if you could do the same with your smartphone? Will not that be great? It will bring the magic back again in you hands. The small French start-up known as Prynt is trying to do the same.

Prynt is a case for your smartphone that will instantly print the photos you take. As a case, it is rather bulky but as it’s an awesome accessory.


As mention, Prynt is a portable printing case for your smartphone. It has multiple changeable adapter systems which mean you can use it with multiple phones. It has a dedicated shutter button, a strap hook to attach a neck or wrist strap, a paper hatch which can hold up to 10 papers, an adapter to connect your device, and internal battery and a leather grip (animal friendly) in the front to make it easier to grip the device.


Concept Rating:

It is a totally unique concept. Co-founders Clément Perrot and David Zhang got this idea while playing with a friend’s old Polaroid camera. They wanted to recreate the magical feeling of sharing physical photos. With that thought in mind, they created Prynt. It acts as a case for your device which instantly prints out the picture you take. You can also select any picture already stored on your device or you can even use a photo from one of your social media account. Prynt uses a thermal image printing technology which means you don’t have to worry about ink.

prynt phone case photo printerThe concept is certainly something no one has ever thought of before and it gets a big yes from us.



prynt camera printer for iphone

Prynt is very really easy to use. Their app has all the post editing prowess you will ever need. You can edit the photos and let your creativity run wild before you print the photos. Prynt wants you to go ink free. They utilize ZINK technology which uses thermal printing. According to Prynt, the photos you print will be vibrant, long-lasting and tear and smudge resistant. It will take Prynt around 30 seconds to print your photo.

prynt photo printer phone case demo


Every photo you print will be connected to a digital content which will be stored in the cloud. Basically whenever you click a photo it will record a small video and link it to the photo you just printed. Your friends can watch the hidden message on the Prynt app. Prynt also has a very beautiful design and comes in different colour options such as black, white, pink, and blue each more eye-catching than the other.

Game Changer?

The idea is certainly unique and interesting and the fact that it has amassed over 1.5 million USD in crowd funding shows that people are interested in the product. We think it will be a game changer. Prynt states that it wants to bring the magic back and it might just will.


prynt camera technical specification


  • Capacity: 10 paper sheets
  • Battery life: 20 prints per charge
  • Charging time: 90 minutes
  • Printing time: 30 seconds
  • Connector type: Lightning Connector (iPhone)/ Micro-USB (Android)
  • Weight: 225g (without phone)
  • Paper size: 2*3 (borderless)
  • Resolution: 313*393 dpi

Launch, Availability and Expected Price:

Prynt is up for pre-orders now with expected delivery being October 2015. The Prynt case starts at $99 with additional cost for the paper sheets. A pack of 50 paper sheets will cost you around $25.

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