Racing Drones Buying Guide: What to Look For In a Racing Quadcopter

Are joining the drone racing bandwagon for the first time? Chances are that you don’t know much about the key features to look for in a racing drone. Perhaps you don’t even know what a racing drone is or whether drone racing events even exist.

In most cases, the racing event you are participating in will dictate the drone features to have. That’s exactly what this write-up is all about. It is our intention to discuss all the features to look for in a racing drone and the various models of quadcopters you can buy for racing purposes.

What’s A Racing Drone?

Essentially, a racing drone is small in stature. Also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), this a drone that’s purposefully built to participate in first person view (FPV) racing events. In recent years, these events have been held in major world cities.

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The purpose of buying this type of drone is to participate and win various races. Thus FPV racing drones are made to fly fast and the work of the online camera is to give the pilot a view of where the drone is going. Clearly, there is a marked difference between the photography cameras which are designed to fly slowly and at low levels. That’s how they are able to give you the best footage.

Ready-To-Fly or Custom-Made?

There are ready-to-fly racing drones on the market but people tend to prefer custom-made drones either partially or entirely. In most of the races you will participate, the winning drone is most-likely to be custom-made. Crafty racers just cannot stop working on their drones for the best stability, speed, aerodynamics, and performance in general. So it is all about buying either the ready-to-fly or custom-made drone.

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Some of the fastest racing drones in 2018 include the JJPRO ARF quadcopter, Walark Micro FPV Racing Drone, and Makerfire MICRO FPV. Most of these quadcopters come with features such as a receiver battery, transmitter, and charger. However, others are lacking key components like the transmitter, which means you should be able to acquire your own.

What Are The Features To Look For In A Racing Drone?

Building your own drone may take time, due to the things you will have to learn, especially if you are a first-time racer. That’s why you might want to buy a ready-to-fly drone. The following are some of the features you will have to consider:

The Camera

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Unlike the equipment used in photography, racing quadcopters don’t need to have a to-of-the-range camera. In fact, the camera should only be big enough for you to clearly see where it is moving. So long as the image being relayed back to you is good, the FPV camera is just great. The best camera resolution for a racing drone is anything between 700 TVL and 800 TVL.

The Transmitter and Receiver

It is important that the transmitter and receiver on a racing quadcopter work in tandem. If the parts are sourced from different manufacturers, then you have to ensure the frequency is harmonized. That would not be a big issue especially when it comes to a ready-to-fly quadcopter. However, if you are trying to build a custom-made one, then you have to approach this very carefully.

Goggles or monitor?

How do you want to view where the drone is going? Ready-to-fly drones usually have an LCD monitor. Therefore, if you choose to use the LCD monitor, you won’t have to pay anything extra. If you choose to use goggles, then you have to be prepared to pay for it.


While the LCD screen provided a good quality video feed, goggles give you a more immersive experience. Professional racers love goggles because of their ability to cancel out any distractions.It is, therefore, easier to choose the monitor you want to use if you choose a DIY drone instead of a ready-to-fly one.

The Frame

Compared to photography drones, racing quadcoptersare prone to regular collisions and crashes. Try as you might, the drones are going to crash anyway. That’s what the racing game is all about. That’s why you need to buy a drone with a frame that is tough and durable. It is recommended that you buy a drone with a carbon fiber frame, which can crash without you worrying about it.

When All Is Said And Done, A Great Racing Quadcopter Should Be One That Can Win You The Race. If You Are Just Starting Out, You May Want To Avoid The DIY Options And Go For A Ready-To-Fly Drone. It Doesn’t Matter If The Model Is Low-Budget. With Time, You Can Add Some Features To Make It Work In Accordance To Your Expectations.

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