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Meet Revolar – A Coin Sized Wearable Personal Safety Device

The number of products in the Wearable and Internet of things industry has seen a steady rise. Be it smart watches like the Apple Watch or Virtual reality products like Microsofts Hololens or health care bands and brain sensors, there are many more incredible and brilliant tech startups trying to bring new innovations into people’s life and make technology ever closer our to day to day life.

revolar personal safety device for women

Security is one of the most important aspects of our life, Revolar is a startup aiming to make us feel safer with their tiny personal safety wearable device which they call world’s smartest safety device. Though aimed at women, this wireless device is not just limited to women, it can be helpful for men in many scenarios. There is a story behind every startup, and for most ‘necessity is the mother of invention‘ and the story of Revolar is nothing different.

Jacqueline Ros founded Revolar in 2013. The idea of Revolar began when her sister was attacked at the age of 17, inspired by the love of her sister and with a passion for social issues, she created a personal safety wearable device of the size of a dime that alerts your loved ones with your GPS coordinates at the press of a button that can be clipped to your clothing.


revolar personal security device

How Does Revolar work?

Revolar works in three easy steps:-

  1. It has a clip on one side which makes it wearable and it can be hidden underneath your clothing.
  2. Once it is put safely out of sight, use the Revolar app in your smartphone to sync all your contacts into the petite device.
  3. And now just press the button when in need.

The tracking starts only when you seek for help by pressing the button. On doing so, it keeps updating your whereabouts in every three minutes until you are safe.

Highlights; Size, Battery Life, Smart Design to Clip it Anywhere.

The catchy aspect of Revolar is that its battery can last up to several months depending on the usage and if required you can replace its battery with a regular watch battery. A very useful one in emergency situations like getting stuck in the middle of a desert for days.

The design of Revolar is chic and complying with the latest vogue. The logo present of a bird trying to fly has been well thought about and it signifies the present scenario of women who are constantly in search of freedom from the ever haunting fears. To style your device, it is also available in multiple colors.

What makes Revolar Different From the competition?

There have been many similar gadgets in the market like iSafe, Cellphone Stun Gun, Personal Alarm, BuddyTag.

iSafe can be said to be similar to Revolar in some ways as it sends instant alert messages on pressing the panic button to the Police rather than your contacts. But Revolar has the edge here as it sends out help to your contacts who may be able to help you in the need of the hour where the police might not be able to make it on time. Another advantage of Revolar is that it’s NOT just an app. Even if your cell phone battery is dead it is not affected. Unfortunately, iSafe is an app and the same cannot be said for it.

Devices like Cellphone Stun Gun and Pepper Spray might come in handy but not in the worst of the times. They are not discreet and one needs a window to use it.

Cat Keychain is another innovation present, but its complexity of usage and the large size makes it less appealing . You have to have a lot of patience to understand its working which will make you love Revolar more.

Personal Alarms and BuddyTag are some of the other similar gadgets claiming to keep you safe. Personal Alarm gives out a loud shrieking noise which might just aggravate the situation. Revolar on the other hand, works silently without the knowledge of your attacker. Moreover, it is quite large in size and may not be as handy as Revolar. BuddyTag works in the same manner, but it is to be worn on your wrist which does not make it hidden. It is just for kids and in case of emergency the parents will be informed. That’s where Revolar makes the cut as it appeals to all demographics. It is very easy to use and simple to understand.


The tiny size of the device and the long lasting battery makes it a standout. The device is designed smartly so that the people can clip it to either their clothing or backpack or keychain according to one’s convenience. At the time of writing this article, Revolar raised a funding of $83,247 from 895 backers on Kickstarter, which is above their $75,000 goal for the campaign. First 200 backers who pledge $75 will get one Revolar device of retail value $90 which will be delivered by April 2016.

Co-authored by @SreejeshSuresh

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