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Samsung again cheats Benchmark scores, this time with the Galaxy Note 3

Well it seems Samsung won’t learn, Samsung had earlier cheated with the benchmark scores with their flagship, Galaxy S4 and now they have continued to do the same with their latest flagship Galaxy Note 3.

Earlier it was reported that the Galaxy S4 GPU was overclocked while running a benchmark app so that it gets a boost in scores and the latest reports tell us that they have continued to do so in Galaxy Note 3.

Galaxy Note 3

Basically what Samsung has done is they have have used a Java package which has pre-saved the list of benchmarking apps and when those benchmark apps are run, they automatically activate all the cores of the processor at full speed, here the Snapdragon 800’s quad cores at highest clocking speed of 2.3 GHz resulting in better scores by almost 20%. This resulted in Galaxy Note 3 getting better scores than devices with the same internals.

Galaxy Note 3

Samsung Galaxy Note 3’s Benchmark scores with and without the Benchmark booster

To me the benchmarks don’t matter, not one bit, the real life performance is what i care for but there are many casual consumers i know who really care about these benchmarks as its nice to boast that my device has higher benchmark scores than yours thus making my device better which is not generally the case. Samsung here is targeting those people to get more sales but they really don’t need to, the Galaxy Note 3 is great device and the Snapdragon 800 is as fast as you can get right now. These are the things which stop me from respecting Samsung as a company but the fact is this news won’t have any affect on the Galaxy Note 3 sales and it will sell in million, no doubt!

Source- Arstechnica

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