Samsung Launches FlexWash – First Internet of Things Enabled Washer

Samsung, the South Korean technology giant launches its first Internet of Things (IoT) enabled washer-dryer FlexWash for Indian market in association with the Samsung India. Unlike the regular washers, the FlexWash comes with two drums serving the purpose of two washers in one machine. With a combined capacity of 24.5 Kg (21 Kg lower and 3.5 Kg upper) you can wash different types of clothes at the same time. With its super-fast wash cycle, the FlexWash can was the full load in as little as 30 minutes.

Samsung has always been the forefront when it comes to research and innovation. Like said, the Samsung FlexWash is the first Internet of Things (IoT) enabled washer to hit the market. For the US market, the company also has introduced a dedicated dryer, called FlexDry, which also comes with two drums dedicated only for drying purpose.

samsung flexwash machine

Samsung India’s director of consumer electronics, Rishi Suri, said in an interview on the sidelines of a press conference on Friday,

“This is an all-in-one washing machine which gives you three unique benefits – flexibility (two drums), performance benefits (EcoBubble, Bubble Wash, vibration reduction) and a smart connect (IoT)”

The Internet of Things market is on a major growth face now. It basically lets your device get connected and communicate with each other. The whole operation of FlexWash can be controlled remotely using Samsung Smart Control app. The IoT can be enabled by plugging the additional USB dongle to the washer. The dongle establishes a connection with the Wi-Fi network of your home and thereby you can monitor different information. The Smart Control app hell help you monitor remaining cycle time, gets alerts when cycle get completed and you can even schedule cycles from anywhere. This is a great feature especially if you are out and you need to access your washer.

The FlexWash meet all the environmental protection norms and is truly an Energy Star certified device.

The FlexWash washer is loaded with ton of features. Like said earlier, the washer comes with two drums which can be operated simultaneously. The upper washer is small in loading capacity, can be used for washing delicate clothes and active wears.

The lower washer in FlexWash can operate in various settings like; Heavy duty – for blankets and jackets, Whites – white colored clothes, Sanitize, Delicate, Perm Press, Towels, Beddings, Quick Wash, Eco Cold etc. Both the washers come with an option to rinse and spin. Timings of operation can be configured as per your choice of customization. Depending on the clothes, the wash cycles can be configured up to 12 which includes tumble, spin and rinse.

The Sanitize mode of operation supported by FlexWash is something I would like to highlight as one of the major feature. The washer uses high temperature heat to permeate fabrics. In addition to that, the washer also support steam wash especially, when there is much stain on the clothes. Equipped with the trade mark VRT plus technology the washer comes in an innovative design, that reduces vibration and ensures the machine operates quieter even at high speed. The washer comes with EcoBubble and Bubble Soak option that makes the machine create foams efficiently for faster and better cleaning.

The FlexWash is available for purchase in all Samsung outlets and other major retailers across the country from 15th August. The Samsung FlexWash is priced at Rs 1.45 Lakh. It’s quite a price to pay but you get yourself one of the most innovative piece of technology to take care of your clothes and provides you with best cleaning possible.

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