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Samsung’s first Foldable Smartphone might arrive in January

Samsung along with LG has been making some great innovations in the display technology. They have unveiled some brilliant curved displays, foldable displays and even futuristic transparent displays. Well, if the reports are indeed true, Samsung will be launching its very first foldable smartphone in January, 2016.

Samsung Project Valley Foldable Smartphone

We had heard a Samsung employee previously say, “the commercialization of foldable smartphones will be possible in 2016” and there were reports suggesting the company is working on Project Valley, which will be a device with a foldable display. Now, the latest reports suggest that those rumors were indeed true and we will get our very first Project Valley smartphone as soon as January, 2016.

According to an industry source, Samsung is allegedly testing the Project Valley foldbale smartphone with two chipsets. One with the mid-range Snapdragon 620 and the other version with the just announced Snapdragon 820. No matter what the chipset will be, the source suggests 3 GB RAM, microSD slot to be a surity. The battery will be non-removable, which is expected since the device will be foldable. The display should be OLED, considering LCDs don’t bend.

The report adds that the first foldable smartphones from Samsung should be ready for an introduction by January, 2016. So, we might get an unveil in January or at MWC in February. Either ways, we are just happy that we will be finally having a foldable smartphone to drool about. What about you? Does the sound of a foldable smartphone interest you?


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