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Samsung Galaxy Folder, an Android powered flip phone leaks

Samsung truly does not want any genre of mobile devices to be left behind. A new Android device by Samsung has leaked out which doubles up as evidence to the statement i just made. The new leaked Android device is the Samsung Galaxy Folder which is an Android powered flip phone, Yes a flip phone! You heard that right.

Even i was a flip phone fan when the Moto Razrs were popular but right now i don’t think its really a great idea considering touchscreens are the way to go and flip phones take up a lot of space and bulk but i guess the people at Samsung don’t really agree with me and i know many of u flip phone fans too won’t agree.

Samsung Galaxy Folder

The picture shows the so called Samsung Galaxy Folder smartphone, a flip phone device boasting a touchscreen and the good old alphanumeric keypad. The reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy Folder will feature a display of unknown size with a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and will run on a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. So basically the Samsung Galaxy Folder will be a low to mid range device so the specs aren’t really interesting but the flip phone factor makes me want to know more of this phone.

Reportedly and pretty expectedly, the phone will come running Android 4.2.2 and surprisingly for a mid to low range smartphone the Samsung Galaxy Folder will come with LTE bands. There is no news on when this phone will be released and at what price but i expect it to make an appearance first in the States then the rest part of the world. We’ll have to wait and watch to know if am correct or not.


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