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Samsung Offers Alternative Phones To Note 7 Owners and Pre-Orders

Samsung Offers Alternative Phones To Note 7 Owners and Pre-Orders

Samsung has been badly hit by the flooding negative publicity due to its fire-prone Note 7 devices which led to the abandoning of this high-end phone altogether. The company is now (official announcement made on Friday) offering alternative smartphones to those Indian customers who pre-booked the Galaxy Note 7 device. This move was taken in a bid to satisfy the loyal buyers of one of the greatest smartphone markets.

Samsung Offers Alternative Phones To Note 7 Owners and Pre-Orders

Galaxy Note 7 – Offers for the affected customers

Samsung said in a release on Friday that in lieu of the Galaxy Note 7 they would offer the customers with either Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge smartphones. Even their affected customers were offered a free virtual reality headset along with a free pair of wireless headphones. The customers were also offered a voucher worth $50. The report adds that apart from these, affected customers will also get a free one-time screen replacement offer in the case of a damage to the new smartphone within a year.

The device was planned to go “on sale” in India early this September. But it eventually ended up not getting to any customer after the company failed to resolve the phone’s overheating problems. This issue was causing some of the devices to ignite.

Earlier this Friday, Samsung also said that it is expected to take a hit on its operating profit of about $3 billion. This will be for over the next two-quarters due to the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7 devices. Samsung is a No. 1 player in the nation’s fastest-growing smartphone market with a roughly 25% market share.

Concerning Factors

It’s a very critical concern that in the Indian grey market, Galaxy Note 7 devices are still available. Shopkeepers are presenting mixed responses about stocking the fire-prone device. One vendor has the Galaxy Note 7 available at Rs. 56,000 while some others are offering the device at Rs. 58,000. They also promise to provide the device with a replaced battery. This really is a cause for worry as far as customer’s safety is concerned.

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