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Samsung unveils a Gold version of the Galaxy S4

Apple unveiled the iPhone 5S in a brand new spanking gold color and now Samsung has followed suit with their flagship, Galaxy S4. The South Korean company have just announced their own version of a gold Galaxy S4.

Gold Galaxy S4

The Gold Galaxy S4 will come in two gold colored variants, namely the ‘Gold Brown’ and ‘Gold Pink’ . These are basically the same Galaxy S4 when you talk about the internals but with a gold paint job. The Gold Galaxy S4 will come to only some countries of Middle East.

Gold Galaxy S4

Samsung is truly the most opportunist company we’ll ever come across, they truly don’t want to leave any market alone. I quite like the Gold iPhone 4S but am not so sure about the Gold Galaxy S4. Is gold the new thing these days? It seems to be so with HTC rumored to bring a Gold HTC One and also the reports say that the phablet HTC will be launching next month will come in a gold version as well. So tell us what do you thing of gold in smartphones?

Source- Samsung Gulf

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