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SCiO: Your sixth sense nutritional companion

Almost all of the people of the world have these fascinating dreams and wishes if they could find the information and details of everything and anything that they can see and think of. The technology was advanced that we could be excessing ourselves to the farthest of the gadgets and the services that are possible via mobile maps, calculating the calories that you consume or even the ones that you burn while you jog. Everything has reached to a level that things seem to be pretty possible. And advancement in the technology has brought more of the world at a better stage with the introduction of the SCiO, a device that discovers your world with just a click.

Consumer physics presents the best of the invention in the form of a sensor that fits into your palms and easily is movable. Simply connect the gadget with your phone, scan the article that you wish to get the information about, let the SCiO get the chemical make-up of the materials and read out the necessary information to you via your phone. Think how life becomes easy when you know how much calories are you consuming through a shake and how much do you burn while jogging half a kilometer, how much have your plants grown or which one is sweeter of the two watermelons. The sensor is a non-intrusive, no-touch optical sensor which provides a seamless user experience.

SCiO - Pocket Molecular Sensor


The SCiO is a sensor which is a small device which has a spectrometer which allows the light to enter the device, extract the details and thereon transfer the details via SCiO cloud to your phones. You only need to put forward the sensor towards the object, let it scan and gather the information, analyze it and be spread to you. It is very convenient to use and easy to carry as well as connect. It can be used for a research, for the education purposes or simply for the curiosity that one has regarding various things and articles.

Concept Rating

The idea of achieving what you think of is very much of success there itself. The concept that SCiO is coming with is very much practical because of the advancements that are seen in the field of technology. The concept leads to the betterment of lives of the people as it allows, in fact is easier for people.

Usability of SCiO

The sensor is really convenient to use and move. Simply take it in your palms and move around the object that you need to scan, let it take its time to read the content and you will have your matter in minutes. As the scan is done, the green light appears indicating the attainment of the object being scanned.

Game changer?

The product gives an insight to the changes that it brings in the lives of the people. It is really easier for the people to know where they stand when in need and what the various aspects of anything and everything are. Getting something that lets you know at a click of a button is obviously a life changing device and bringing variations in the lives of the people.


  • Helps in building the world’s first database of matter
  • Endless possibilities of the SCiO applications
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Light to carry
  • Sensor that easily signals the results via phone
  • Compatible with iOS as well as android devices

Launch, Availability and Expected Price

The price of the sensor is about $249 plus shipping charges and as per the company, the buyer won’t be charged until the product is dispatched which is a benefit to the buyer. The shipping is expected to start from the July 2016 as the orders are listed and detailing of the supply is being checked.


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