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Seven Fresh and Important iOS Apps You are Not Aware of

Getting an Android smartphone feels good! Sadly most of the people who have Android phones don’t know the half of what they can do with them. Even worse some of the best apps out there are relatively unknown. It is a lot like starving when you have food in the fridge. Here are seven basic and important Smartphone apps you are not aware of:

Smartphone owners are always reading up on the latest technology news, among other things. They are reading ebooks, online articles, word documents, PDFs and other documents. With Define, you can look up any word you need to look up and get its correct meaning. This is a pretty cool tool. Just highlight the word you want to look up, copy it and tap on a notification to get the full meaning of the word and how exactly it is being used.


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Swackett fresh new android app

Ever find yourself underdressed – or overdressed – for the weather? Swacket is simply a must for anyone who does not want to find themselves in that predicament again. It does not just tell you what the weather will be like, but it goes ahead and gives you a guide on exactly what type of clothing you are supposed to wear. This goes all the way from clothing, to shoes to accessories.

Check it out on Apple iTunestore.

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spritz fast reading fresh new android app gadgetnote

This is speed reading on steroids! Speed read at the rate of 1,000 words a minute without moving your eyes with Spritz. IN other words, you can speed read without the eye fatigue. This is an excellent tool for those days when you just have half an hour to prepare for a meeting. You can quickly scan important documents or go through your presentation one last time before getting up to make it. This app is helping to ensure that speed reading does not go the way of the dodo. Great for when you have wasted too much time on online games.

Get it on itune store.

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over creative ios fresh app

Over is a handy tool for putting captions on pictures. When you type over a picture, it can look so well, amateur! Use Over to put in cute, funny or just informative captions on pictures. These are great for personal or business use.

In business, you can easily use Over to leverage images for application in a PowerPoint presentation. Instead of just using words on a slide, write a sentence on a (related) image and put it into the slide.

Get it on iTunes store.

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around me fresh new ios app for nearest restaurants

New in town? Don’t know where the swankiest pub is? No problem. Use AroundMe to get a clue on where to go for a drink, lunch or coffee. All the nearest amenities will be shown automatically on this app when you open it. No more google or yelp.

Available on iTunes store

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mycloudtag fresh new ios app

With this app, practically everyone can now have a personal trainer in their hands. The app helps you with your body fitness, weight loss, and your overall health and well-being. You can set and track your progress towards achieving your personal fitness goals.

Get it on iTunes store.

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Unified Remote fresh new ios app

This is every couch potatoes dream come true. It converts your phone into a remote that can control your laptop or personal computer. This is great for Netflix addicts, and those who use VLC as well as Spotify. It makes it possible to alter the volume without necessarily touching the computer. It also makes it possible to close one movie or song and open another. UnifiedRemote has both a paid and a free version. The paid version obviously has a lot more to offer than the free version. Both are useful, however. So if you are listening to the latest Bruno Mars album and you want to skip a song you don’t like, just use this function.

Get it on Apple iTunestore

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Many mobile apps fly right under the radar because they are either not pushed hard enough or are just plain unlucky. This does not mean that they are not brilliant. This list is proof of that. There are many more apps that are brilliant but pretty much unknown. Studies have suggested that less than 0.01% of mobile apps will become successful. This is a pretty small number. Obviously, not all apps are made to make money. Sometimes they are just made to support an existing business. People often ignore paid apps because of the abundance of free apps.


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