Sleep Better App by Runtastic for an Interruption-Free Sleep

What defines a good tool from a bad one is its applicability and practicality. How one can determine this is through the way in which different people would have used this tool for themselves. A compendium of all those knowledge surely proves the tool’s worth. This is because by using it, one can understand many aspects of the world and how it may open up more queries about things and practices that can better our daily lives. Apps, like any tool, are designed to help us every day with our jobs, with our relationships, and with our friends. Being open to the way technology touches our lives can help us triumph over our nagging doubts. Therefore we have for you – Sleep Better mobile application.


Sleep Better App

This application, Sleep Better is a multi-faceted app. Developed by the company, Runtastic, the Sleep Better app keeps track of your sleep cycles and is able to suggest how you can achieve the best quality of sleep. It takes all aspects of a person’s sleep into account, from their lifestyle and fitness to the sort of dreams they have. The Sleep Better app functions first as an alarm and has over 30 soothing alarm tones to wake you up. The app also provides insight into your sleeping patterns and you can track your sleep records every day. You can also record a dream diary where you can determine the general mood of your dream as being good, neutral or bad.

Sleep Better by Runtastic

More Features

Observing your sleep patterns and the sort of dreams that you watch can give you an insight into how you sleep. You can enter personal details about yourself including lifestyles and habits as well. Intake of caffeine and alcohol and cigarette smoking can all throw your sleep cycle off. Regular exercise at the same time it helps you detox & de-stress and get you to sleep better.

By viewing your sleep history, you can analyse the ways in which your sleep can be affected because of your lifestyle and environment. You can also analyse the best periods of sleep that you enjoy in your extended moments of rest. You can view selected weeks or even a month in the sleep history mode. Sleep Better also provides a guide to the moon phases which are assumed to disrupt your sleep patterns. By keeping an eye on the moon phases can explain bad sleep.


The app can run even on airplane mode. Hence you can use it by leaving your mobile next to pillow while sleeping. It wakes you up with the perfect alarm of your choosing at any hour of morning or night. The Sleep Better app is compatible with tablets as well.

Sleep is something that is so essential in our lives. Good sleep dispels anxiety, stress, and depression. Any app that acts as a self-help guide to a better life and lifestyle is always welcome in the market. Sleep Better by Runtastic can become that small voice of motivation that can make a big difference. The app can run on tablets and mobile phones. To download the app, visit Google Play Services.


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