Smartphone Shipments in India Hits a Record 35 million this Quarter

Smartphone Shipments in India Hits a Record 35 million this Quarter The September quarter looks quite good for retailers in terms of revenue generating as they make one-third of their total annual sale during this period of time. More traction can be seen among the Smartphone retailers who has reached to a record of 35 million units nearly 25% rise compare to the last year’s September quarter. One of the most lucrative reasons behind such record is the festive season and the kind of concession offered by various e-commerce sites.

Research shows that this time Samsung and Microphone are lagging behind because of the some of the leading Chinese mobile companies. Off course, they place themselves at the top two spots, but they saw a drop of 4 percent in the market shares. Looking at the individual market share, Samsung that had a market share of 25.6 percent in the previous quarter has dropped down to 21.6 percent in the September quarter. While Micromax feels to 9 percent from 14 percent.

Why Samsung and Micromax did not make it this time, the only reason was the offline distribution by Vivo and Oppo that made them place themselves among the top ten lists of branded phones.

Smartphone Shipments in India Hits a Record 35 million this Quarter

While we mention about Samsung, Micromax, and the winning Chinese mobile companies, we cannot ignore the market share of iPhone who recently released their new baby iPhone 7 in the month of October. The analyst could not wait to calculate iPhone’s market share that had reached to 1.3 percent in the third quarter itself, is estimated to cross 1 million in its fourth quarter after the release of iPhone 7 in India said by one of the analysts.

The competition is going to be a tough one among the different mobile companies, however, at the same time, the e-commerce market takes an advantage of increasing their sales with the increase in the number of sales due to the quarter falling at the time of festivals.

We cannot wait to hear the Smartphone shipment record in the last quarter that includes the Diwali month as well yet, maybe going to be another big hit for India in the Smartphone market.

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