How to Solve Google Play Store Error 924 on Android

You may have encountered a Google play store error 924 message which reads “App can’t be downloaded. Try again, and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error Code: 924)”. This error persists when you try to update or download any app on Google Play Store or when you try to download a big file. First, it downloads the whole installation file and at last it displays an error message 924 restricting the user from successful installation of the app.



How it affects:

Typically, this error prevents the user from successful installing or updating apps from Google Play Store. It means Google Play store is encountering a certain problem which is preventing the installation or updating an app. The problem in Cache files or data files in Google Play Store can also restrict the user from successful installation or update an app. To deal with it first you can wait to check whether Google Play Store is going through update phase, or you can try these methods to solve the Google Play Store error 924.

Playstore error android error 924

Method 1:

As a quick fix you can try to restart your device as sometimes simple restart process can fix the problem with apps or processes on your device. This should be the first step while looking for the solution to any error on your device.

google playstore error 924 solution

Method 2:

Make sure your device is connected to a proper Internet connection through Wi-Fi or strong mobile internet connection (cellular data). First, it will help you download or install apps fast and second it will make the process interruption free. You may encounter this error due to weak Internet connectivity on your device.

error 924 solution

Method 3:

Try this method to fix Google play store error 924 by making some tweaks in app settings. You can try this method even if you had tried early two methods as it can avoid many other errors on your device too. To do this go to your device menu and head to Settings > Applications > All Apps. Now select the Google Play Store app from the list and open it. Click on Clear Data and Clear Cache button to instantly release the existing cache and data files from your app.

Next is to select Download Manager from the list and tap on Clear Data and Clear Cache options. Alternatively, you can tap on Uninstall Updates option to stop all updates and reinstall the app to fix the problem.

Google playstore 924 error clear cache

Method 4:

Try this method as last resort when all other methods fail to fix the problem as using this method you can lose all your data. To follow this method, try to bring your device to Factory Reset condition and then reboot your device. Before initializing the process try to back up your data on external devices or on Cloud servers. This way you can recover your important data to some extent.

factory reset android phone errr 924

You can follow these simple steps to fix Google Play Store error 924 on your device. For other Android related problems, you can use an android cleaner apps, duplicate files finder apps, and other tools. These simple tools can help you improve your device’s speed and performance to save your time and efforts.


Google Play Store error 924 is another common error occurs on Android devices. It prevents you from installing or updating apps. In this article, we can discuss certain methods to fix this issue.


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