From Speed Alert App to Life Saver: All You Need for a Safe Driving

Though the dangers caused by texting and driving are not unknown to us, how many of us do remember this fact? Often people, teens, in particular, overlook the speed and run the vehicle at a high speed. As an outcome, they invite danger unconsciously. Technology has become entertainment for us. We are so addicted to entertainment offered by our smart devices that often we don’t remember the value of our life. Devices are not the only culprits that cause accidents. People are always in hurry in these modern times. It is true that “time is money”, but money is not more important than life. The number of accidents caused by excessive speed is no less shocking.

According to the National Safety Council, use of cell phone while driving causes almost 1.6 million crashes every year. You will be shocked to know the fact that one out of every four car accidents in the United States happens for texting and driving. Texting shifts the driver’s attention from road to the screen of the mobile. This is enough to invite a mishap.

On the other hand, NHSTA (National Highway Traffic Administration) is worried about the statistics of crashes caused by high speed. According to their survey, in the year 2014, 36% male drivers (15-20 years) faced crash for high speed while 20% females met the same fate. This data is going to make the parents concerned about their teen drivers. Parents and all the drivers need the help of technology to avoid any mishap. It seems that some people need a speed alert app to control the speed or tools to avoid calls and texts while driving. Well, a bunch of safety apps arei available that can help one to drive smartly and safely. A list of safety apps is provided here to help drivers drive safely.


  1. GPS Travel Route Finder app:

Have you ever thought of any speed alert app? No? Then, you must think about it as GPS Travel Route Finder is an app that can assure you safe driving. This app detects the speed of your vehicles. You just need to switch on your GPS and set a speed limit in the app. Whenever you will exceed that particular limit, the app will warn you by giving an alarm sound. Even when you are traveling in a bus or other public transports, you can track the speed of that vehicle and share the information with your fellow co-passengers. This speedometer app makes driving safe and funny. Apart from these, this app also offers other exciting features such as altimeter, near me, weather and compass.

  1. Cell Control:

Cell Control is a popular app that prevents the drivers from texting while driving. It works on both iOS and Android. You need to pay a one-time fee of $129 to get the app. You are required to mount the DriverID device to the windshield underneath as well as behind the view mirror. When the car is running in motion, you will get to see a blocking screen appearing on the connected cellphone. It will prevent texting, talking, emailing and any kind of web surfing. Apart from these, the app also offers data regarding the driver’s performance, location, and the parental controls.

  1. Life Saver:

Life Saver uses the GPS in order to lock your phone when you are driving. It also offers a key feature, called “passenger unlock” for the moments when you are not driving. This app is designed especially for the teens. It helps the parents to track their teens. They will be notified when the teen arrives at his/her destination. Life Saver always runs in the background and it is a free app that works on both iOS and Android platforms.

  1. Safe Drive:

Safe Drive is a real fun for the drivers. It reinforces secure driving with rewards. Whenever you open the app before hitting the road, you will earn points for not texting or calling. Each time you drive without texting, you will earn points having real-world value. These points will be used in the Safe-Drive Marketplace which is a shop that offers discounted items from their partner companies. You can play with the other users, compare the score and win the points of your opponents. It is really cool. Isn’t it?

  1. Drive Mode :

Drive mode, a free safe driving app, can be operated on both iOS and Android devices. It demands no additional hardware. But one thing must be remembered that this app is meant only for AT&T customers. How does it help the drivers? It helps the drivers by making the incoming calls and texts silent when the drivers are running at a speed more than 15 mph in their cars. Drive mode sends an auto-reply to the senders stating that the driver is behind the wheel.

  1. Cobra JoyRide:

This innovative app is designed only for Android systems. Whenever you need help from your phone for direction guidance while driving, Cobra JoyRide will help you by offering voice activation option and simple settings. It also allows you to have music on your cell while you are driving with less distraction.


Summing up:

Life is our best gift by the almighty. We have the right to enjoy each moment of this life. But, your enjoyment should not demand your life. Every individual should be aware of the dangers that can come on their way without any prior notice. Often parents curse technology for making their kids addicted. But, they should remember that it is technology that can save their kids from those dangers as well. Safety driving apps can be regarded as a blessing of advanced technology. These apps including the safe drive app and the speed alert app, help to prevent the death of thousands of people each year.

Now, when you know about these intelligent apps that secure your driving, why don’t you download them?


About the author:

Julia McCarthy, a professional and passionate blogger always introduces you to some new technological advancements and trends. She talks about useful mobile apps such as speed alert app while she also guides you how you can reap the benefits of several mobile apps to enrich your personal and professional life ( especially marketing your business).


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