Steve Jobs: Even after 5 years, he still is the greatest innovator

It was a single man who held the tech world into captivity every time he came on the stage. He dressed in black turtlenecks and paired them with denim. He was a manipulator, a big time profit-chaser and one of the toughest bosses. A man who had become a trademark himself – He was Jobs, Steven Paul Jobs (24th Feb 1955 – 5th Oct 2011).

Remembering Steve Jobs

Five long years have gone by after he last breathed on October 5th, 2011. And either you love him or hate him, what cannot be denied is the fact that Jobs was no more far from being a messiah. His contributions to the world that we live in are unparalleled. Yes, he deserves to be talked about even after five years of his death because he was the one to make technology more accessible and dragged it out of a geeky territory. Steve Jobs was the one to associate “technology” with an adjective that nobody thought was even possible – “Cool.” Jobs made technology “Cool.”

Shortly after his death, Walter Isaacson, Jobs official biographer, described Steve Jobs as

“a creative entrepreneur whose passion for the perfection & ferocious drive revolutionized six different industries: personal computers, animated movies, music, phone, tablet computing, and digital publishing.”

Jobs was someone different. He was an ideal to millions, an inspirational businessman, a public speaker, determined individual and a presenter. He exactly knew how to sell his concepts. Jobs was a rare blend of two personalities: An Innovator and A Marketer.

Steve Jobs never came out just with a different product but he also came out with convincing strategies for a million people to persuade them into thinking that “this is just what they need.” This happened not just because of the product’s usefulness but also because of the product being a blend of aesthetic style & experience.

Steve Jobs

Some people express his ability to convince as a “reality distortion field.” While some others called it “his charisma” and the rest called it shamelessly lying with extreme manipulation. But even the most rigid critics of Jobs would admit that it was possible due to his vision else people might not have been pinching in and out to zoom their pictures or download applications on their smartphones.

Steven Paul Jobs was an American InfoTech entrepreneur & an inventor. Jobs was the co-founder, chairman & chief executive officer (CEO) of the word famous Apple Inc. He is until now globally recognized as a pioneer of the microcomputer revolution of the 1970s and 1980s.

He was always committed to bringing out some of the greatest products like the iMac, the iPhone, the iPod, the iPad, Mac Operating System (later revamped into Mac OS X), iTunes and the Apple Stores. It was a larger cultural ramification post-1997. Yes, he made the technology more accessible and dragged it out of a geeky territory. He was making all unimaginable things like computers, touch screens, and apps and was making them mainstream.


 Steve Jobs with iPhone in 2007

Steve Jobs with the iPhone in 2007

Jobs wasn’t a god but he still deserves his due!

Like how not all good prevails, the same Jobs too was no saint. According to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs, you’ll come to know that the late CEO of Apple, in fact, did copy from Xerox to build the software we see on its Macintosh today. But Jobs had the answer to that too: “Good artists copy, great artists steal.” Smart, isn’t it!

What may ever people say, Jobs actually went on to completely evolve the way we interact with computers & mobile devices. He did get one thing straight, and that was his control. Jobs matured to become the “greatest visionary” of “our time.” But after all, that has passed, the world is yet to find its “next big driving force for innovation,” the world is “yet to find an innovator that has no replacement” and the world is “yet to find another Steve Jobs.”

Current State

His beliefs may still have a longer way to prevail but his ideas have definitely started to diminish. Of course, we still have the iPhone offering the most powerful processor but it’s not thumb-friendly. It’s nothing like how Jobs would have preferred.

iPads have turned out of proportion. They’ve got a stylus. And have not become even one bit lighter or practical.

We still have the MacBook Air which exactly looks like the first one that Jobs pulled out of the envelope on stage. But even after the drastic transformation, it’s still not in everyone’s home whereas a Windows PC is.

Steve Jobs unveiled the Macbook Air from an envelope

Steve Jobs unveiled the Macbook Air from the Envelope

Apple is no more manufacturing flawless and incredible products. The software seems to be buggy as well. So how does Steve Jobs’s legacy live on?

He was a technological wave of our time. He made one of the best companies on this planet just from his garage. He was brave enough to think creatively. He was bold enough to change the world. And he was talented to bring the info revolution and make it not only accessible but fun & intuitive. He transformed industries. He lived each of his day like his last.

There was and there still is no greater tribute to Jobs’s victory than this fact that much of the world heard of his passing on a device he invented and the same might be happening now, five years later, after his death.

Last Words by Steve Jobs

Before embarking towards his journey with the luggage already strapped, he looked at his sister Patty, then at his children for a long time, then at his life partner Laurene, and finally over their shoulders past them. Truly, death didn’t happen to Steve, he achieved it! Steve Jobs’s final words were: ‘Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.

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