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Take A Deep Breath With The AirHealth Series

With the latest advancements in the field of technology, our country is moving ahead in the route of development like a bullet. After all is said and done, have ever given a penny to the thought of what we are giving up for achieving our goals?

An amenity as basic as Air is not in our fortune!

It is rightly said that the thing which is most abundant is taken for granted. The same is the case for us. The air that we breathe is so abundant, so normal, so obvious that we never think of the fact that what would we do if one day this bountiful air becomes the cause of our doomsday. With the rapid increase in air pollution, it feels as if we humans don’t even have the right to pure air! We all have seen the way New Delhi, our national capital, tops the charts of the most polluted city. And this problem is seething at a rapid rate all over the country.

The Fault is Not in our Stars!

We might have thought at least once in our lives that if human beings are such geniuses in the field of technology, why can’t they create something to eradicate the problems caused by them? Well, we have some good news.
Hosair, the pioneer Air Purifier manufacturing brand, has come to our rescue by providing us the gift of AirHealth and AirHealth Pro.

The Magical Spell Hosair has cast on us:

The recently launched AirHealth and AirHealth Pro works wonders by purifying our surroundings in minutes. They ensure 99.97% clean and healthy air surroundings. Hosair has revolutionized the way of living by its indigenous technology. The passion of this leading Air Purifier brand to create a clean environment for mankind in itself is commendable. This thought has given way to the AirHealth and AirHealth Pro, of which the people of our country were in the dire need.

Air Health Pro (Rs-29,990) and Air Health , (Rs 16,990)

How can AirHealth and AirHealth Pro help you to live better?

AirHealth has been designed with perfection to provide clean air solution for rooms up to 323 square feet in size. That’s something! It presents an advanced approach to combat the air pollutants and what more! The power consumption is even less than a light bulb!
But this was just not the end of the road for Hosair as they took a leap in their developments by creating AirHealth Pro. This smart innovation has personalized AirHealth as AirHealth Pro automatically adjusts itself by sensing the surrounding air. Not only this, you have the option to customize your air! Wow, this is really mind-boggling!

What makes the AirHealth Series out of the league?

They are special than the other family Air Purifiers like AntiBac Prefilter, UltraHEPA, NanoTiO2, UVShieldPro as they are made using the iSix ActiVMS Technology.


What is the iSix ActiVMS Technology?

The iSix ActiVMS Technology provides a unique six layer filtration technique. This helps in eliminating even the minuscule contaminants which other purifiers could not do. It is equivalent to the combination of six powerful technologies into one super powerful next generation technology. This makes the air 99.97% clean and fresh. It is effective in diminishing pollutants like allergens, bacteria, viruses, VOCs(Volatile Organic Compound). This technology ensures to be a long-term benefit for us.

The other ‘Wow’ features:

Whenever we buy a product our major concern is maintenance. Here is a good news. It needs no maintenance. The device is designed so precisely that it is just simple to use and hassle free. The design is simple with interactive buttons present which allows you to use it to the fullest. It surely is for the long run.

Another major advantage is that this device is portable. The facilities have been incorporated in it so precisely that it will make you wonder how easily you are able to use it. The air flow is quite smooth and you can just sit back and enjoy your clean environment by putting it in the Auto Mode and let the super purifier do its work.

The AirHealth Series gives the best performance by delivering high rates of air. The other advanced feature present is the Remote Control system which lets you operate it with ease. The other provisions such as Timer and Sleep Mode makes it much more flexible.

These highly efficient air purifiers are made with high-quality standards and near to zero errors. The 2 years warranty will surely make you want to have one instantly.

The sleek design:

The AirHealth Series has a beautiful outlook. Lot of thought has been put in the clean lines that easily mixes with and complements your homes. It is not noisy which makes it smooth in operation. The product is designed in such a way that it can be placed anywhere in your house without making it look out of place. So it not only cleans your air but makes your room look much more beautiful.

Air Health Pro, Rs 29,990

Easy Installation Process:

It can be self-installed. You just need to take it out and plug it in on your switch board. Switch on the purifier and enjoy. Its remote control makes it handy. The easy to understand buttons can help any one understand its working.

Why choose the AirHealth series?

Other purifiers that have come up are Coway, Alen BreatheSmart,RabbitAir MinusA2 and BlueAir 600 Series and many others.
Coway air purifier provides a four-stage air purification which does not make it as efficient as the AirHealth Series. The Alen BreatheSmart can clean pollen and dust in medium to large rooms, but ionizer might be harmful for the lungs. RabbitAir MinusA2 is also versatile and quiet performance, but it does not have the timer setting available. What beats BlueAir 600 series is its size. Portability matters a lot.

AirHealth and AirHealth Pro is here to stay

As the CEO, Prince Jalani, of Hosair said that they work with keeping one goal in mind, that is, to provide pure air to all. Without compromising the speed, performance, and delivery, Hosair promises to keep updating solutions for air pollution with better technologies and smarter innovations. The passionate team aims to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and works hard for it. With a vision set so clear and thoughtful, Hosair has made a niche in the common man’s life. That’s what makes Hosair legen-wait for it-dary!

To know more abour the product visit:-Hosair

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