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Up until now, any job regarding translation was a specialized service. Good translators were always hard to obtain as capturing the flow and character of a language requires special skill. A good translator has to remain faithful to the original text or speech and should interpret all the possible scenarios where a piece of text or speech can become relevant and useful. This is not an easy job as people do not speak as they write.

Takeasy Translator

It is always the environment that creates the text, not the other way around. A good translator must capture the flavor of life that is offered along with the text to be translated. With the TakeEasy Translator, the client and the translator can get in direct contact with each other for translation.
This useful app is a translation service that offers round the clock, real-time translations. The company, Takeasy App team, hopes to have around twenty-seven languages that can be offered for translation. Some languages include English, French, Spanish, German, Chinese etc. It is not just a service for translation from English to another language or vice versa, but you can request translations from two languages that do not include English.

Takeasy Translator


This app is really universal in its outlook. Right now, the company has only made English to Chinese services available. It hopes to add at least nine languages for a wider release. How it works is that you make a call through the app to the service centre where there are translators. The app makes multiple calls at the same time so that you can save time and money. Once you are connected, you can directly speak to your translator for your translation needs. You can either ask your query through the phone or can request translation of messages, photos and videos.


This is very useful as any easily accessible translation service depends more on written text for translation. There are not many options for colloquial speech and short sentences. A call costs around a $1.99 per minute.

The company has made call packages available so that you can save money by availing yourself of one of them. You can also send documents that require translation. This will be priced accordingly. The good thing about the app is that all translations are done live, which is a rarity. You do not have to rely on some automated machine to do your translations. By getting in touch with the translator, you can translate particular moods and attitudes that otherwise get lost if done by a machine.

Takeasy Translator Package

Even though this may seem like a niche market at first, translation and interpretation are a popular sector of employment. There are many opportunities that come to a translator these days. More and more companies are traveling further in search of markets and translation services become very handy. People spend months on end in foreign lands so they need to be able to manage shop floor language and the language to socialize.

The Takeasy Translator can translate speech as well as picture and video, making for near-complete service. The Takeasy App Team hopes to launch around nine language services soon. The Chinese language translation is available at the moment.


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