Tanmay Bakshi is Twelve and the Youngest Programmer

Do you remember what you were at the age of 6 or most likely 13? You might be asking your mother for food or might have started to do some school activity!! Check Tanmay Bakshi, an Indian NRI from Canada who began writing codes only at 6 years of age. Yes, you heard accurately, at an age of 6, when we as a whole even don’t know how to wear pants. It may be difficult to accept, yet this is the actuality.


Tanmay Bakshi

Ask Tanmay

Tanmay has built up an algorithmic mechanism called “AskTanmay” which should be the world’s first Web-Based NLQA framework, constructed utilizing IBM Watson cloud analyzer. It’s clearly an eight-stage calculation that should fathom questions identified with a ‘Man’, ‘Association’, ‘Area’ or ‘Date’.

He learned about IBM’s AI programming “Watson” through Jeopardy narrative and soon began contemplating Watson’s Retrieve and Rank and Language Classifier administrations. At the IBM’s Developer Connect, the stage of great developers around the globe, he exhibited his most recent invention in front of an audience with a couple of questions including “Where is India?”. It’s a tool that affections comprehending inquiries and he has now made it open source. It utilizes Watson investigation and Google search algorithm. The assessment isn’t simply watchwords, yet content maneuvered from Google search into Watson data manipulation.



He also created his first application for iPhone called tTables when he was only 8 years of age. After a couple of dismissals, the application was at last distributed and is accessible for IOS clients.

When asked about his comments, read his reply: “I would want to impart my insight to others”. He likewise talked about his new book and a list of things which included his excitement while meeting Bollywood legend, Amitabh Bachchan during its launch.

Tanmay Teaches – YouTube Channel

That is not it – the kid genius loves to share his learnings and has more than 90 arrangement recordings on his YouTube channel – Tanmay Teaches. Please go and view his genuineness. Tanmay is additionally a writer and author of technical language book based on IOS. The book called, “Hello Swift” is written to understand iOS programming strategy for children, furthermore for young developers.

Tanmay Teaches at YouTube

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