This Foldable Camera Drone Follows You Where You Go & Captures Amazing Shots

Drones aren’t a complicated technology today and also not limited to the film personnel and professionals. The common man also has the facility now to avail drones or I should put it this way, avail drone cameras at affordable prices. There are certain features one should consider while buying a drone and also take into account the rules & regulations laid down by The Federal Aviation Administration that you need to follow before your drone’s take-off. Today we have the Hover Camera Passport for review and this is an amazing, self-flying and foldable camera drone that adds spice to the photographs and videos. It’s a sensational camera that hovers while clicking those astonishing moments of your life. It is the first autonomous flying camera that anyone can use. All you need to do is turn it on, flip it open and let it go.

Hover Camera Drone


Hover camera takes pictures at 15 MP and shoots 4K videos. The camera supports electronic image stabilization (IS) producing steady shots. Hover camera has a face and body recognition feature that allows it to follow you around and also take impressive photos or videos. The camera uses a combination of AI, sonar, and downward viewing to position itself to get the best possible footage of its subject.

Technical Specs - Hover Camera Passport - Drone Camera

Hover is amazingly portable and functions right from your smartphone through a mobile application. It is a foldable and battery operated device that is capable of performing for around 9 to 10 minutes. The Federal Aviation Administration requires its owners to register the vehicles before using.


This is the first product from Zero Zero Robotics which is a foldable, autonomous camera drone weighing 242 grams. It is made up of durable carbon fiber material that is also lightweight. The hover camera drone comes in a convenient carry case so you can take it along anywhere.


“People can do very creative things with it because it can replace rigs and cranes that typically a professional film crew would have access to. This will give you new movements, new angles,” Meng Qiu Wang, CEO and co-founder of Zero Zero Robotics said.

Connect the hover camera using the wi-fi settings of your phone. Launch the mobile app that supports the functioning of the hover camera drone. And easily fly this quadcopter, track your face & body or spin it around 360 degrees. Hover doesn’t support any high-end production purposes but will surely solve the basic purpose of social media sharing.


Hover Camera drone doesn’t really perform the way it should. Things aren’t really impressive but the design and build quality surely is. Take-off is hassle free ( it takes about 10 – 20 seconds to boot up) and the device seems to be good for only close proximity flying. It isn’t GPS enabled and connects only through the Wi-Fi. According to us, it’s not really a game changer. Considering the prices, there are many other affordable options available in the market.

Hover Camera Drone

This drone isn’t a good option when you are outdoors and the climate is uncertain. Even during winds, the camera tends to wobble a lot and it kind of struggles to stay stable. It’s definitely not a good idea to fly the hover camera at greater heights.


Fly it anywhere and don’t worry about crashing. There are situations when hover camera really bangs into objects while flying but gets no permanent damage at all. Thanks to its superior build quality! The camera fails when it comes to face & body recognition in low light conditions. Extensive tracking also lacks but 360-degree spinning comes handy where there’s no tracking or following. The camera produces a quality of just another smartphone and the 4k video promise too disappoints.

Hover Camera Features

“We hope [the Hover Camera Passport] will add more spice to peoples’ lives and make your next vacation more interesting,” said Wang.


The Hover Camera isn’t actually cheap and comes at $599 that’s too high especially for its 10-minute battery life. Hover has now started with its shipping and can be ordered at their website.


  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Superior Build Quality
  • Hassle free Take Off
  • Good for Close Proximity Flying


  • Subject Tracking Lacks Excellence
  • Wobbles in Windy Climate
  • Poor 4K videos
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